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  1. The one thing, that many new players have not done, is turn on all quest types. Normally that should not interfere with getting some quests, but it still does (cause they are categorised as e.g. life skill quests). So if you are on your profile ingame and press r1 a few times, you get to a tab were you can select and deselect quest types. Turn on all of those and see if that enables at least some of your missing quests. Hope that helps!
  2. I might be wrong but I remember that you can get already the ingredients for it via farming (life skill)? I always got a lot of side products that said it can be used as stonetail fodder. But as Rocketfuel said, there is not rly a reason to have it I think.
  3. There was an official notice ingame when all chests were found, that the event ended.
  4. This might be a really dumb question, but, does archer count as newly released class for the weapon exchange coupons (on PS4)? It is new for PS4 players, yes, but the weapons were already available in store right at the release, cause XBox players had the class already for some time. So I am really unsure if archer might not be an exception? Would be nice to get an official answer, or from someone who tried and succeeded or failed. Thanks in advance!
  5. I have the same issue. I first thought it was cause shai is too small, but I saw some other players moving around in there trying to interract inside the hut but cannot.
  6. There is another thread about those inventory quests here in the bug forum. Some of the inventory quests vanish when you do other inventory quests. That is not a bug though, that is on purpose, cause doing some will exclude others.
  7. I think they spawn randomly at fixed spots. I saw two already in the King's Forest west of Heidel.
  8. That actually makes a lot of sense. Thanks for clearing that up!
  9. Then it is a typo or mistake in PS4 version, cause there the "Applied Talents" are what the guide is labeling as skills (the stuff your pet gets when you level it up to 10). And the passives like skill xp and life xp are labeled as "Skill list". Also I was sure turning off talents stops my ghost from attracting enemies. Though that might be a coincidence. Despite that, talents still get turned off automatically. At least if you go back into command options after a while, suddenly it is on deactivated and not activated anymore.
  10. Did you try to set your tv-screen settings to "scan only" sometimes this can help!
  11. You can try and go to the woman in Calpheon at the valkyrie academy and buy the knowledge "fall of cron castle". If you cannot buy it from her anymore, you can try to reset the knowledge through her and rebuy the knowledge afterwards. Maybe that helps!
  12. I don't think this is a bug, more like a feature to help you find nodes.
  13. I don't think it resets daily. As long as you only play that one character, all the settings will stay the same. But I think this is a known issue, and they are trying to fix it already!
  14. Did you try to fix it through your monitor settings? Some monitors give you the option to change to "scan only" and you can manually rescale the screen. Maybe that helps already!
  15. This might be cheesy, but I am always scouring these forums before I post anything and so I see a lot. And one thing that got my attention the most, is how helpfull and nice @CM_Valtarra always is. So I thought I make a little post thanking you for being always awesome and wish you a lot of good drops ingame! (though not from my pool, I need that silver Dx) It is no implicitness to have such a nice CM, I know this from experience, and it can be very hard to always be like that online! A little extra thanks goes to @Lipty who is also very active and trying to help a lot of people. I am having a lot of fun with the game and I know it is not easy to keep all version clean and bug free, especially when you have 3 or 4 different versions of the game. So a big happy hug for the whole Black Desert team for trying so hard! PS: I think it would be nice to maybe keep this thread kinda free of angry comments about things you are frustrated about guys. You can always go make a support ticket or vent to your friends. Sometimes a little bit of positivity can change your whole day into a wonderful experience! ❤️
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