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  1. mellymew

    Where are all the ninja gear drops

    Nope nothing for me again sadly. >.>
  2. mellymew

    Where are all the ninja gear drops

    I was at all locations. Ill see more today if nothing idk game hates me then
  3. mellymew

    Double loading screen....

  4. mellymew

    Double loading screen....

    Ok i play any other game today and not once pretty much all day long since i been up loading screen after loading screen. I have great net and stuff even xbox one x. And been dealing with it so much... Cant even properly get use of the event if all i and im sure many others getting the loading screen issue. Not to mention i died from a double loading screen losing helm gems one which was an event gem...
  5. been playing most the day (as much as i could) got 1!!!! 1 drop of a kuni. That again is one singular item to drop... So where are the ninja drops.
  6. mellymew

    Time Attack quest is bug.

    Omg yes this is ridiculous. By the time you get 4 of the wolves done and foxes your timer is out. You get them all and nope took to long. I had 3 people and myself doing it and nope nothing. So yea quest has to be bugged!!!
  7. mellymew

    Mount Skill Change Coupon Issue

    Says in the description of the New Donkeys. That I can use a skill change coupon on them. I have one in my bag and i go to use it and get, "There is no Item"
  8. mellymew

    Share your Shai Submission thread!

    Thats my Rangers name Pinkie_Pie hahaha!!
  9. mellymew

    Share your Shai Submission thread!

    REGION: NA SHAI CHARACTER NAME: Pika_B Old look: https://mobile.twitter.com/Melanie41225993/status/1143912569599451136/photo/1 New look: https://mobile.twitter.com/Melanie41225993/status/1144812209949691904 Looooving my New Look, fits my name better!!
  10. mellymew

    Trade Quests Gone!!!

    Nodes connected and stuff... As for the removal thought was only the imperial ones o.o? Odd to remove all... QwQ miss my trade quests....
  11. mellymew

    Trade Quests Gone!!!

    I can't seem to do any trade quests at all.. Non of the Npcs ( Regular trade ones) do... I've done the first one to learn about them at Velia, and finished it too... Went back to the guy and nothing... I have all my quest dots chosen in Quest Settings... Nothing. O.o. are we ever getting those back? Kinda miss my Exchange Coupons i got from finishing them!!!!!!?????? 😭😭😭
  12. mellymew

    Trade quests gone?

    Wanted to work on my trading in life skill and no one has quests any more o.o?
  13. mellymew

    Not 13 or Under!!!

    Sad, it's ok you all believe what you want. I'm just hoping a person who is mature, and honest can answer this (hopefully the "right" people).... All I say to you all here is Good Night..... I SAID GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!!
  14. mellymew

    Not 13 or Under!!!

    Wow bunch of imature trolls its seems here, also side Note NOT A FRAKING 13 YR OLD!!!! Also idc what your sub name is could be Hilary Clinton I wouldn't care.. All I care about is how and why it is when I registered and I put my Birtdate (NOT FAKE) It says or registered me as well 13 or younger.....
  15. mellymew

    Not 13 or Under!!!

    UHMMMM!!! We are definitely NOT 13 or under.. So... My Boyfriend and I registered for the beta of the game and recently we got emails stating the game is not intended for 13yrs of age and under..... WTH!!! Look I know I'm not fraking 13....>.<. I'm in my 30s, I have 2 Sons one is 20yrs old the other is 2yrs old. I was born in 78!!!! HOW is that 13 or under. can someone please explain that to me. hmmmmmm??