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  1. They have no Shai Christmas outfit so i made my own imma color it in and share it too
  2. i made a post simular to this issue. I opened 3 boxes after doing 3 rifts and all 3 cron stones. Or should i say cron stone. 3 boxes 3 stones.... Yea they are useful. I use them. ( but 3 only. 3!!! Wth! ) But Rada!! Seems like its item, cron, item ,cron, cron, cron, item, cron, item, item, cron. In the roll hahahahaha
  3. Meh i like the crons hahaha just wish 3 rift boxes in a row be a lil different in them 😛
  4. Ha! Seems like same responses anyone says. Lame!
  5. Did 3 bosses and got cron stones out of all 3.. >.< one of the most unwanted items at times and they in there why are they in there you take all this time to do them. Get nearly killed or in cases of players killed and for one cron stones!!!! WHY!?!?!?!? Totally makes me not want to go after them if all imma get in my rng is fraking cron stones!!!
  6. mellymew

    Evasion Skill Bug?

    Omg yes this has been an issue my bf and I are dealing with, she doesn't go directed where you put and camera facing sucks too.
  7. Ya saw and I didn't win either QwQ i tried very hard to make mine a pikachu .... A lot are on the how can i say... Simple.. I've seen tons on here who put effort and time in theirs or like me played with our names to best fit how we look... Sad man very sad....
  8. I Still dont know who won o.o... Anyone have a link to the page saying who won?
  9. Hi there, Came on this morning to fish and had a message pop up about incorrect server or update... So i close out and reopen it. Now I cant get back into game to play cause now it says : Sign in with the account that purchased the game or intstalled the app, or trial version of that has expired purchase the game from the microsoft store. I bought this game... Has this happened before
  10. Nope nothing for me again sadly. >.>
  11. I was at all locations. Ill see more today if nothing idk game hates me then
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