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  1. BDO PS4 Review YouTube link Solo tyrant you protect this version and the company so much they should send you a free kamasylvia blessing for your hard work keep it up mate.
  2. Last 2 streams have been for Xbox on the stream you guys seem to love Xbox alot and people on PS4 have to suffer and wait without hardly any information and how are we gonna catch up to Xbox by the end of the year? It's not gonna happen the game is poorly optimised and all this is is a excuse for someone who can't get a PC and they have to play it on console it they should of named it Pocket Black Desert I'm done with PS4 version PvP will never be fun 5-20fps good luck to u guys I'd rather play the official version not this. Black Desert mobile runs better than PS4 too lol rip and the player base has dropped dramatically. If they add margoria sea the PS4 will probly blow up
  3. The only thing I can suggest is get involved in life skills and if your trying to gear up and trying to keep up with others is a bad idea just do your own thing as you said you don't PvP so I think you would enjoy alchemy and gathering you will make money and also alot of players need buffs, and also while your making stuff just watch stuff like films or whatever you like so you don't get bored. The only time I feel this game burns you out is when your trying to gear up too quick and also gearing for PvP.
  4. I agree with riukensei with a few of the points he made I also suggest that in the Dev stream shirna and Trent need to stop putting their negative opinions on classes that haven't been released for PS4 players how is this good for the community if they already trash talk other classes on the streams that's really unprofessional.
  5. CM was on 20 mins ago they only reply to certain people it's terrible
  6. Yeah I see what you mean but if I make a bug report post and someone makes one after mine and the one after mine gets a reply what does that mean about the posts before it? Either they missed it , didn't want to reply or don't think it's important enough to investigate.
  7. First of all I'd like to say that the CMs don't seem to care and pick and choose what they reply too on the forums, I already reported the wizard and they said nothing. Anyway the wizard is PVP is overpowered. The lava field he uses does alot of damage regardless of do and the lava field is unseen 99% of the time. The pets do too much damage I've died from wizard pets without the wizard using any moves and the pets don't die how is this fair? The frame rate doesn't help either so playing a broken class like wizard is what all players are doing go to the Central market and see how alot of wizard gear is selling more than any other class. I hope someone at pearl abyss can test and fix these issues to make PvP for all classes fair alot of bad PvP players are playing wizard because it's easy for them to exploit these skills against decent players. As for the CMs stop picking at choosing what to reply too that's rude
  8. I got level 10 at wandering rouges and yeah it doesn't feel any different at all I've spent days grinding it and it feels like level 0
  9. I haven't PvP a witch atm but I'm gonna take your word for it because I leveled my witch to 56 and her damage in PVE is also insane compared to the others so yeah I believe you.
  10. Wizard needs a nerf the pets are overpowered in PvP, can't be killed and the Wizard can also block a whole combo this is why the whole server is now wizard please fix this PvP isn't fun and also Buff Sorc thanks
  11. Can you please add the Black Spirit's Gift IV Quest so we can all receive the katan awakening weapon and also the guild Quest for the phuturum guild boss scroll. I feel you should add this as soon as possible because you have us a main hand boss weapon then a sub weapon and now another sub weapon let's be real you should of added the dandelion instead of giving us another sub weapon
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