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  1. Hello I see there is no way to put guild message that everyone can read. It may be useful to have place where you can notify players of events and other things when they login with predefined message. Only possible is a notice under guild options which is also too short to type anything in.
  2. Think that should be rare as it is. This is not for everyone to have. It is nice to have content like this. What I imagine is maxed auto potion fae and infinite potion combo, that could be cool
  3. Yey 8 months after I finally got a enchanted acc. DUO crescent, which i tried to enhance to TRI right after, and it broke ;D
  4. I always tend to believe that motives are less atruistic and more money oriented.
  5. Does anyone know how AP bracket works, for example if you hit with AWK ap does it only work for AP? Is it enough to hit it with main to work for awk ? Or do you need both? I just wonder to know if i should first aim to upgrade kzarka or dende if i mostly use awk with musa.
  6. Hi, does anyone know how does AP bracket work. Eg if i hit it only with AWK does it count while using AWK. Or is it only needed for main then counts for both. Or do you need for both?
  7. i like that events such at this exist. I think they should just up rewards and perhaps ensure generally for bosses that your crystals wont break until ps5. Rest is fine as it is.
  8. What is interesting that tonight i had only 1 relic. If this keeps happening for next 24 hours that means they probably did something there. Keep in mind this is ps4
  9. I fish in altinova on ps4 at EXHAUSTED over night using balenos road + fishing5 and i get 5-15 relics depending on luck by time road loses durability which is around time i wake up... i dont know about xbox.
  10. Yeah it is same else you could always remove ultimate stone, upgrade, and then put it back to ultimate for free....
  11. i don't know. I figure i just buy things directly from central with exception to some cheap enchanting.
  12. Hi, it would be neat when you fish to sense vibration once fish bites. You could close your eyes and just wait for the fish to get the vibration... instead of trying to listen to the sound. It would also be more similar to real fishing...
  13. Well i would like to pay subscription that gives me maximum allowed weight + inventory + maids + pets for a month in some reasonable price range. Lets say 10-15 euro a month. I don't mind paying subscription for a fuller game experience. It becomes clear after short time that game is constraining you and forcing into different play without paying. Value packs are just too poor for its price and serve more as a lure mechanisms to buy stuff perma then as alternative. I do not know how i feel about artisans and stones. However i am not willing to dump right away 300 euros since I do not know how long I will be enthusiastic about game and or if i will switch characters. So in end i will pay nothing, and game will keep luring me to spend money. But thing is, if I quit in between they will gain nothing. I guess they have some math.
  14. Cool didn't know since it never dropped for me, but then again i only started bdo with ps4. I think weapons and armors should also be droppable like this, with of course very very low chances as it is. It makes grind more interesting.
  15. Also at Ilya island there is similar thing, and island across it... Someone told me this are arenas? There should had been some better immersion with this... Like larger walls or suitable terrain and not invisible walls...
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