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  1. To put it simply, once the patch dropped many users experienced heavy lag and frame drops, another patch had to be dropped, and the event is officially ending a day early. Meaning getting 40 event coins is soon to be near impossible for some users. All things considered is it too much to ask to just gift players 3-4 event coins to make up for the lost day? Its already hard enough to get all 4 coins every, specifically the gold imp coins quest (they have an unusually low drop rate for me outside of lv 10 nodes). The lv 10 node is the only way I can get enough coins for the quest, I was grinding in Kamasylvia for the first 2 days of the event and managed a whopping 2 gold coins (for 3+ hours a day, RNG be darned that's not just bad luck, players shouldn't have to grind over 3hrs a day for a chance to complete a DAILY quest). Even if every player earned a Shakatu's Box the chance of anyone receiving anything more than Memfrags or Sharp/Hard shards is less than 1%, and the chance of anyone getting a TET accessory is less than 0.1% What's with the stinginess on this event?
  2. I know, I've owned the game on Steam for a while now. lol
  3. I understand, but looking from a general perspective across the board it could easily be misinterpreted. I personally had to do a double take and re-read it as I assumed there was a server error that sent me the email by mistake. When sending mass emails like this it is very crucial to make things as simple as possible and leave nothing to doubt. It would have been a better idea to have only sent a message to the signups that were under those ages. Many of the people that panicked had signed up months ago and this was the first email they recieved about the beta. So I can understand how this could freak them out. I mean imagine waiting for months with no update and an email comes in saying, 'you may not be eligible to participate, sorry.'
  4. There is heavy miscommunication going on here. It seems as though the email was worded very poorly. Here's my attempt to clarify things from my understanding: "[Notification] This email is being sent to all Black Dessert beta registrants. Black Dessert has updated its Privacy Policy. As part of this updated policy indiviuals under the ages of 13(US), and 16(EU) are not qualified to register for the beta test. This is a general email being sent to all registrants, this does not mean you are under the age of 13(US)/16(EU). Registrants that are under the ages of 13(US) and 16(EU) must reply to this email to have their information purged from our systems as we can not store it. Thank you, and we apologize for the inconvenience and confusion. -Black Dessert Team" That is what they meant to say.
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