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  1. It feels like a bug with how constantly i get cronstons though. As i have stated, its killed the game for me as its literally all i get. I just want to experience some randification in random stuff rather than knowing im just gonna get another cronstone. It killed the rifts for me, its not worth fighting an awakened boss just to get a cronstone everytime They didnt highlight the word cronstone either so it justblooks like the box offers great stuff. My character is lv 57 with lv 59 gear. I farm the hard bosses and all i want is the gear, not the stones but the gear but i have done all the rifts i can and i only got 1 ok item and a bunch of the stones. All smores event i got cronstones like 3+ times a day with the occasional whale tendon potion. The entire rng seems broken. Like i get balancing it to where youre more bound to getting ****, but like when the ratio is 100 shitty things/2 decent things/and .0005 great things, it twnds to not even feel worth it, fun, etc. Thats why i have it in bug reports. A games bot supposed to be like this and everyone agrees, but a lot of people are stuck in the mindset "Oh i had to do ot you do it too" Which is understandable, but i feel like grinding back them was easier, before cronstons cause you could make so much more money so much faster. Im not asking the game to be easier, im just saying theres too many chances to get cronstones and its destroying the game.
  2. Why would you even nerf the boxes? Think its too easy? Strengthen the bosses! Thats all ya needed to do. Now all i get are these lousy cronstones literally nobody likes. I might as well just delete the reqard boxes cause i got like 2 eh worthy items but then out comes the developers with the crap idea to make everyone have an even worse time with the game. Please for god sake make 1 event where i dont only get cronstones. All smore event with me opening 3 to 6 a day, only gave me CRONSTONES. IM SO SICK OF SEEING ALL THIS GOOD ASS GEAR AND MEDIOCRE CRAP I COULD BE GETTING, just to be given another.. useless stone. Yes you can use them to make sure your gear or weapons dont deteriorate by upgrading them, thats a crap design by itself, however i let it slide but the one thing i cant let slide, is the fact that my ratio so far has been for every 50 or 60 cronstones, i get like.. 1 item thats barely any better. Cant we just like enjoy the game? Why does it have to be a never ending cycle of crap? Like seriously dude i had fun when i was lv 1-57, my first time, then when i got to lv 57 with my wizard, and started to try to make money so i can make it up to maybe all tri.. all i get is these crap ass stones that sell for 10% of what it costs to buy them and then yiu need like 400 to go from tet to pen, but thats like 1 time qhich 400 cronstones costs 800,000,000 but only sells for 80,000,000. Look it up, nobody recommends them till you have a TET boss item which that itself takes 9000million years to get anyway, so i definitely dont give a doodlerfuck about a **** ass stone which has onky ever stopped me from ever making any type of progress cause every time i get a box that has all this AMAZING **** i always waste it cause all i get is a loving shitstone. Like anything else would be ok. Idk anyone thats gonna sit there and be happy they got a cronstone, when literally everything else is on par with the cadry ring, up to duo. Like it feels like i should just save myself the damn trouble and like delete my reward boxes cause nothing about it feels like a reward, just another tedious let down like the rest of the **** in the game. Please take cronstones out, or at the very least, add something thats cronstone free. I play games to have fun, not go through a frustrating process of fighting with everything i got just to get something that completely nulifies the point. I fight the hard bosses in the rifts and i get 2 mem frags and a cronstone. Oh lovin boy i couldve just idk farmed and made like 20 million in almost the same time it takes me to make 1 million farming rift bosses. Is the box to op? Then dont give us duos, make it like the base ****. Anything but cronstones man. Im sick of it. I quit for like a week, just to come back and be reminded why i quit. i WAS gonna buy a pet pack but like whats the point when it feels like theres nothing left to enjoy. Before the cronstones were added to the shitty dark rift ****, i actually started to have some gleaming bit of fun then bam they ruined it. Im sick of fighting kzarka cause all i get is a shitty 100k and an aura thing but i still do it cause at least the auras will eventually add up to something decent to sell. But a cronston is literally just trash. I gave up enhancement cause i had a better time upgrading my gear by just buying the ****. Otherwise its like putting your balls into a meat grinder and wondering why you dont have balls left. Absolutely ****. As i said prior i used to have fun. It used to be just rewarding enough but when i hit almoat lv 58 on my 3rd character, the games just turned into afk this afk that grind for 12 hours, heres a cronstone. Afk afk afk afk it might as well be a loving phone game. Afk this for 20 hours, heres like 20mil i guess, farm that for 20 hours, heres 49 mil Fight these super hard semi fun bosses, heres a cronstone, and 100k. Thanks. Please cinsider this and make the game like enjoyable.
  3. This 1 very item, has been the absolute downfall for this game for me. Literally ANY event all the time i get.. you guessed it. 1 cronstone. The smores i opened like 3 to 6 a day, the entire event.. all cronstones. So bad that i got excited to get whale tendon potions. Like come on. Can we at least reduce the excessive chance of getting the horrible item? Its killed the entire sense of wonder for ne when doing events. Like i dont care anymore and thats whats making me take longer each time to even want to come back to the game. It feels linear. I know im just gonna get cronstones so whats the point? When the ratio of getting like any item in the game compared to getting cronstones is 1 item per 100 cronstones then whats the point? Its not fun, its not as exciting as say actually getting random items, more expensive loot, or literally anything but cronstones, but no all the gambling has a 90% chance of getting a cronstone. Everyone hates it, literally have NEVER met anyone excited about building up cronstones. Please, PLEASE reduce the amount of cronstones we get when working our butts off for anything. Id rather just take like money as a guaranteed offer over cronstones. I sell them anyway, so theres no point in even playing the minigame that shows all the best gear in the game just to throw in 6 or 7 crons when i hit the A button. I just mash A to get it over with rather than wait and see if i even get anything good. Why? Cause that 1 item has sapped away any real fun or excitement that i had originally thought this game presented to me with the wheel of fortune (but instead its all bankrupts except maybe 1 item thats ok at most, but to get it you need to spin the wheel on 1 foot, singing amazing grace while balancing a vase on your head with the item slot being 1/4 the size of the bankruptcy spots) but no, the cronstone thing just had to exist. They shouldnt even be 2mil in stores. More like 2 bucks cause it appears so often. Only reason the cm doesnt have them is cause the store qould quite literally be full of them like they are wood planks. Nobody wants them. They are an absolute nightmare to this already huge grindfest. The only benefit is for 7pgrading but you need 130+ to do anything important. To buy that many is 260million To sell that many is 26million Thats literally 10% of the buying price. Please reduce the amount of cronstones from events it ruins the event. I might as well just delete my event boxes. But i try anyway even though it makes me want to throw my controller and quit the game forever which its slowly pushing me to do. I just got my tet awk weapon and my mood is null cause cronstones every boss i fight. Please im not the only one who hates this mechanic.
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