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  1. This is regarding 1v1. With the awakening, I don’t have many issues except against a good sorc or over geared witch/wiz, but I think we are in an excellent spot. I was planning to switch when musa came out but I absolutely love my beefcake. Who do you struggle with and what do you do to help counter those problems?
  2. KSo, this is on PS4, but every node war we’ve had the forts are nearly impervious to damage except by a few moves. I’m still trying to figure out if this is a planned feature or a bug, because in the node war guide on the website they make it seem like you just attack it, but only certain moves really hurt it at all. Anyone else experiencing this and if so are they planning to fix it? It really makes node wars way less fun especially because this applies to annexes like barricades as well.
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