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  1. My post is a question to see if anyone else is having this issu, besides myself. Not a post asking for a resolution.
  2. Hello all is anyone else having an issue with your worker(s) not leveling up? I have 16 workers ranging lvl 23 to lvl 25 they have been at these levels for at least a month of daily playing online with workers working non stop I'd say they made more than 120 trips each to the nodes they work, I don't even see how we can tell if they are gaining xp.
  3. Click on link scroll down to you see a link that says "obtained from" https://bddatabase.net/us/item/16153/
  4. Why do you need to buy energy pots? Don't you get 14 of them from ur alts every 8 days 8 hours? Do you do red battlefield 200 energy daily do u do the calpheon energy dailies?
  5. Thank you for your input, so it seems we can not breed anything higher than a T6 atm.
  6. I'm not 100% on this but I think it's region locked based on your PSN account's location, for some reason Australia is in the EU servers. So you'll need to create a PSN account and select NA, then you will be on the NA servers but you'll need to start from scratch, new characters and all the grinding. I hope this helps
  7. Has anyone done any breeding since the 12/4 update? I'm trying to gauge if the breeding rate has changed at all. Thank You.
  8. Did you look in ur mail? That's wr I found the 7 rewards all in separate mail
  9. The Shai will be in the 12/4 update here is a link to the official black desert ps4 website with the news https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/ps/News/Detail?boardNo=2592&category=0
  10. Aid your allies and defeat your foes with the Florang wielding class, Shai! Coming to Black Desert PS4 December 4th. From BD Twitter. So I guess that was a hint after all.
  11. My main is a 57 has 192 inventory slots and it really only takes 1 day to get an alt to 50 just share the gear n buy the weapons for the alts my lvl 1 striker started with 172 AP n 216 DP so he got to 50 in a day no pl, then switch gear to my tamer n bought her weps n bam same stats at lvl 1. At first I only went on my alts to gather with the current 229 energy pool, instead of converting the 229 energy into 11 extra large energy pots, because I found it my profitability. Then I started fighting with them and enjoy each individual play style. And my CP has gone up tremendously using alts
  12. That's why it's good to have 10 % so when u r 60 n yes I will have them all 60+ I grind 10 hrs a day I'm disabled and this is my life lol, and I already have all 8 life skill costumes at +1 and I have all 8 +5 placed on the wishlist on the market for max price so as u c I'm focused n I guess the eventual weapon durability reduction and death penalty reduction isn't worth it either? And I never mentioned looking pretty I said it's about the 10% n weapon and death bonuses I'm sorry I forgot to mention it will help you when you're in your 60s look me up I'll have em all 60+
  13. I know its cosmetic I never said it had an advantage over the hedgehog n the hedgehog was offered as limited an it not available atm and it's not 18000 Pearl's for the golden hedgehog the golden hedgehog is a bonus as is the young griffon the 18k pearls will go towards 6 outfits for 6 of my 11 alts to get the extra 10% combat n skill n eventually durability reduction hey it's only money cant spend it when ur 6 feet under and when ur gathering with 12 characters the 50% proc is worth it alone you try grinding 160,000 logs without the proc
  14. Black Friday is to get companies out of the red, not save customers money.
  15. The Golden Hedgehog is not crap, not if you gather on 12 characters burning 225 energy per character grind. The hedgehog is golden for gatherers, especially if you're getting the Epheria Sailboat and the Epheria Frigate. You need 160,000 logs alone on top of iron coal flax
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