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  1. <Severance> Hi all! We have decided to move more onto Facebook and Discord recruitment so we can have more of the guild in discord for easier communication. We currently have 30 members which are all active daily, we do a mixture of PvP and PvE in our guild. We do not have GS requirements as we are open to all members New and Old from across BDO. We are a relaxed community dedicated to helping our members grow strong. Daily GMs Up to 5million wage a day Chance to progress in the guild PvP tournaments All main buffs maxed out including call to gather Group grinds Scroll runs weekly Xbox party chats every night Active discord If your interested in knowing more please message me or join our discord below and you will be placed in the welcome room to ask questions ect. Thank you for your time reading and we hope to see you soon. No we are not wanting to merge into a guild, we would be open to a possible merge into us depending. Discord: https://discord.gg/pk9Vpzx Msg Ms_NoName or Outrightrenji on discord
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