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  1. thank you, I dindt know that hehe
  2. Hello, I want to report a bug that happened to me today while doing the trina weapons quest line. in advance I got all the materials for the 3 missions but in the case of the bullet no mission appeared to me, instead there was a text referring to the bullets but I did not receive the item in my inventory, and I did not subtract the materials from its manufacture. please help me with this problem.
  3. as you can see the shortcut settings are still resetting, I think it's enough, pearl abyss, they have to fix this, this problem has already screwed me up since the beginning of the game😠
  4. didnt work, for many people this works some time, me too, but in some point change characters reset the radial menu and some system configurations, so is just a patch not a definitive solution, please fix this, shouldnt be so hard and is a big problem for the game.
  5. some news? I still have this problem and the truth is frustrating too much, always having to be reorganizing the radial menus when changing characters is quite tedious, usually in a mmo you save your changes and each character has its configuration but here randomly the changes are undone, please fix the bug, I still don't see news on know issues...
  6. unfortunately the method you told me did not work for me, I just went to the game and all my characters have their unconfigured crossbars, I went back to the beginning, I think I will leave BDO for a while, it is quite frustrating to have to configure all the bars every time sigh *
  7. Hi @Lipty, I will try that, never hear about that so thank you for the tip. So when you do that steps, even closing via PS button again, the crossbar wasn't reseted?
  8. Hi CM Valtarra, any news about the bug? Seems they not solved this or added to any know issue notes still
  9. Thank you CM valtarra, the true is not much people report this problem, I have many friends with this problem but how they not speak english chose no report so I started this post for report, I thinked is my console problem so I tried even reinstall the game 2 times in 2 differents consoles ps4 but is game problem, I delete cache and reinstall database, etc, nothing work, please help us.
  10. Yeah I found that of quest filter get unmarked too, Idk what to say, they have to fix it, is basic what a game, even more a mmo, save your settings, this problem bother to many of my friends and guild members but pearl abyss do nothing about it 😒
  11. I have a bug to report, I have seen that many people in reddit report it but they have not fixed it yet and it happens that when I move a position character in the character selection section, or play with different characters, when I play again With my previous one, this one has the ring menu and all the initial settings and it is quite annoying since it takes me time to reconfigure the menus as I like and this happens every time I change my character and play a while, when I return to the other one that has the messy menus even my button selection is unconfigured, please help.
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