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  1. That is called ugly and cheap censorship applied. This is how it should looks Marigold outfit: I don't see anything wrong with original textures. Censure only are causing outfits looks worse because you can't customize the color of long shirt censorship. Nobody asked to wear less clothes..... Outfits and costumes are the same in all regions! You have to take in mind this censhorsip only are doing Shai is wearing two suits. And not one. Here you can see the default applied to our region: And this is from the others regions (7 Regions are using the default of KR and nobody cares or have problems with this, except sensitive people of our region overreacting Shai post) It's sad but the truth. But Hey! Why you don't overreact about theses images? Oh right, they're NPC.... Fictional characters.
  2. So can you clarify me, Why you think Shai need censor? You see normal to see white pants below her outfits? I'll add more screenshots to clarify this. Original without censor: With censor: here you can see also shoulders of Marigold outfit:
  3. Comments as yours are totally irrelevant. You only throwed cheap words without any argument. This is the subject, there isn't anything indecent and we get punished with ugly censorship. I won't buy anything for my Shai due this.
  4. Also to let you know. We are the unique version (EU and NA) that have censure applied to Shai.
  5. I did copy, paste from PC version because it's a long history. :: PLEASE READ :: It has come to my attention that some people do not understand what the censorship is. Censorship comes in many forms and does not necessarily entail 'nudity'. The censorship on the Shai is entirely unnecessary as the costumes and outfits for them are not perverted in any way, shape, or form. Please take a moment to read what others have posted and see any picture comparisons of the original models and what we were forced to deal with BEFORE making your vote. :: THANK YOU :: This isn't a request to adjust the censorship, nor is it a request to make it dye able. The censorship itself was pointless as one can tell just by looking at the latest costumes released to us from the pearl shop, since the route they took for the Shai is vastly different from what they went for with the other female classes. I don't see any of the 'sexy' or 'revealing' outfits that some people seemed to be afraid of, but rather cute and playful costumes that fit more with the Shai in general. I made this thread as per the advice given to me by GM team, and it is a subject I feel strongly enough to fight for. The censorship they forced upon us, their customers and player base, is a terrible Frankenstein of a mess. It clashes with most, if not all, outfits and costumes and has a large problem of clipping through outfits especially when sitting or during certain poses. Or simply standing in place, with the case of some. I don't understand the need of censorship in this day and age to begin with (why not censor Tamer for example? Something of a double standard I think) and the censorship does not affect the so called 'deviants' since they would likely just grab an uncensor patch or a.. nude patch.. and carry on with their ways. The censorship only affects the rest of us, the normal players that just want to purchase cute outfits for our Shai characters that -DO NOT- clash / clip / or just look plain hideous. I had admittedly purchased pearls before the Shai officially released for us for the purpose of buying the life skill costumes since I wanted to change to a Shai for a main character, and another as a main life skiller. But because of the hideous chop job they did with the censorship, I haven't purchased anything for my Shai. Nor will I unless they remove the censorship. I'm sure there are others doing the same thing.. as they say if they don't listen to reason, speak with your wallets right? So all I want is the original models returned to us that was intended for the Shai. No pointless censorship, it is an INSULT to us players. If that never happens, so be it. I simply will not spend a penny on my Shai, which is sad because I do like the outfits so far if not for the censorship. *Edited* Above picture is what someone posted on a thread (now locked) showing an example of the censorship clipping through their armor. And below pictures showing the costumes for Shai (also showing that the censorship is unnecessary). Both pictures were provided by someone else.
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