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  1. I have played WoW on occasion since it released. Only in the past few years have I ever seen only pedos play gnomes. I don't have any respect for that argument and question the maturity of the people who make them. what is your problem with the way it was implemented on ps4? what outfit for Shai offends you? Do legs offend you?
  2. I think BDO has a lot of problems on PC even but ps4 is by far the worst. I don't know why they haven't fixed the things people complain about on PC. I don't even know how ps4 was allowed to be this bad performance wise.
  3. Why is this change being made in the first place? I find Black Desert the most confusing game when it comes to certain changes. It gets released in one region on pc with shai like it is now and eventually made like ps4 was. PS4 is being changed to be like xbox shai. Is this because the publishers require the change or is it up to Pearl Abyss? I feel that the publishers of Black Desert are very untransparent about this especially Kakao on pc. Since we paid money for Shai outfits on ps4 it would be nice to at least know why this change is being made.
  4. I don't play this game very often anymore. This change basically guarantees I will never come back. I did purchase a few outfits for my Shai on ps4 and know they will look horrible with these changes because I played some on pc when shai was released. Wouldn't have bought them in the first place if I knew this would happen.
  5. Your first paragraph is exactly what happened with the Shai EU/NA release. So it is censorship? But you say calling it censorship is a Meme. I’m not sure of your point.
  6. I’m totally with you. No child should go to a beach or swimming pool unless they are wearing long t-shirts and pants under everything. Let alone a fictional short elf. /s i weep for the future. This is so ridiculous. None of those dresses are indecent. They show shoulders and neck. I think people are projecting their own insecurities if they see anything wrong with the original. If someone sees something like a lalafell (from ffxiv also rated teen) and sees that as perverted they have problems.
  7. If they wear a swimsuit they had better wear t-shirts and pants underneath it. They can’t show any skin on their shoulders or legs because that would be just weird. /s
  8. If you’ve seen the original and feel that way then that’s scary. Really wasn’t anything indecent with it. edit: Usually when an eastern mmo changes something I can totally see why. Not the case here.
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