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  1. lmao exactly. Maybe there's p2w guild out there like that? idk
  2. When they were on sale I bought all three versions and got all bonus items. You cannot repurchase the same version after you bought it.
  3. @[CM] Valtarra I'm going to lose my mind. Once again I am getting the "failed to update the payment information" when I try to purchase Pearl's. If you remember from November I went THREE WEEKS before my purchase was honored. I will not go through that again. This happens all the time to me - clearly something bigger is wrong. I send it a ticket and they basically tell me to log out of my game and log back in. I'm really upset that after this long that error still persists. What is going on?
  4. The fancy clothes are just for you to see what they look like on your character. You always start with default armor. You will have to buy the other outfits.
  5. That's exactly why I'm wondering this. I'd like a CM to confirm.
  6. So you know for sure they going to narrow it down to the exact minute? The exact second? I've only seen full days mentioned. I assume nothing with this company
  7. Name Change Question: If two people have the same name, and both created it the day of release on their repective system, who will get the name? Will it go down to who created it first by the minute, or will one console automatically win out over the other? Example: On March 4 an Xbox user created a toon named Sally. On August 22 a Playstation user created a toon named Sally. Both were created on the respective console's release date. Who gets the name?
  8. You're kind of saying 2 things. You said the player that made the name first gets priority for that name (which would be all Xbox players btw). Then you said it should show (X1) and (PS) so everyone can keep their name. I agree with the 2nd one, unfortunately they said they cannot show "Playstation" (or any derivative) on Xbox and vice versa. I've also had my name from the first few minutes of the game as well. And now there is a chance of someone taking it. See, we're all in the same boat here. Personally instead of polling players to see which console can out vote the other, we should be banding together and demanding an alternative.
  9. Hello! Here is a friendly reply from an early access Playstation user. I cannot stress enough that all heck would break loose if all Playstation users were given the shaft with their names, especially those of us who paid for early access. Playstation players are not "new" or "incoming" players. We went through the exact same thing with our name as Xbox players did, only a few months later. If all Xbox players got to keep their name and all Playstation players had to change, that would give the impression that Xbox players are more important and more valuable than PS players and that is not true. It's just luck of the draw you got the game a few months earlier. Don't get me wrong, I am VERY upset over the name change and I think PA should rethink this. I think names should be a combination of toon and family name some how. That would ensure A LOT more people will get to keep their identity. Back to the topic at hand - I get it, you want your name. Most of us "paid" for our name and that puts us on equal ground. So my vote is a hard NO. Xbox players do not get first dibs.
  10. I did the same thing at first. Both joysticks need to be moved. The left one arches the cannonball iirc, the right one makes the cannon itself raise iirc. I was completely omitting the right joystick, maybe you are too?
  11. I understand this an Xbox forum and I'm from Playstation, so it is what it is. But if they were to do that, it would give the entire console player base the impression that Xbox is more important than Playstation, and it's not. Playstation is a huge market for them and they would never risk isolating us just because the game happened to release on Xbox a few months sooner. Edit: forgot to mention, we are not incoming players. We already exist. If there is an option not to cross play and keep your name I would, but I didn't get the impression that was an option.
  12. There are several of us on PS who took great care and time to get the name we have as well. It would be very unfair to do that just because the Xbox version was released a few months earlier. There is no "right thing to do" in this situation.
  13. Can confirm. I have a PS4 Pro and an internal SSD. I RBF a lot and quite often the enemies don't render until I'm already caught in an AOE or CCed to death. The money in RBF is good enough even for a loss that I put up with it. I hope it gets fixed soon though - it makes it hard to be/feel competitive.
  14. When you get a fairy they start with +1 luck
  15. Interesting... that's a lot to do and a long download. Do you still get a "failed to update the payment info" message when refreshing your mail?
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