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  1. The Bobble Bobble Matchlock is supposed to do damage to the Splashy Water Balloons, but it doesn't. Is it a glitch?
  2. Family Name: Sion Region: NA Console: PS4 Link:
  3. Another reason Piku should just be an event World Boss like Isabella. Everyone's efforts towards him would take away the durability problem. Although I shot at him for 15 minutes and never reached 0 durability.
  4. I'm glad I'm not alone in this. I don't know why more people aren't complaining about this. I guess they really have just given up on it.
  5. Why put an event boss with so much health/defense on an unpredictable time schedule and without shared health across all servers? Has anyone even beat him? There are never enough people showing up to fight him and there's little time to get to him and fight him. Why not just make him an event World Boss like the Halloween World Boss, Isabella? Then people can plan better and get there early and have the full time to fight him.
  6. Today's (12/28/19) quest from Leuheffe requires handing over a Triple-Float Fishing Rod. But how does one procure one? 🤔
  7. I did submit one. GM Keplan said: We would like to inform that we are already aware of the issue where users are unable to store any items in their inventory if their character is carrying a Backpack Item(Trade Items). Rest assured that we are already doing our best to resolve this and improve our service to the fullest. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Storage isn't full. Now I'm stuck just walking around with a backpack because of the trade item I'm carrying (Copper Ore Crate). It's been like this all day since the update. Am I the only one having this problem? 🤔
  9. What was wrong with the Calpheon NPC Maryan Pero selling food? Were the prices too high/low? What was so game breaking about it? For those that didn't know he sells: Smooth Milk Tea (42,975) High-Quality Cheese Pie (17,175) Special Fish Soup (6,449) Juicy Steak (27,250) Top Grade Lean Meat Salad (29,675) Savory Seafood Grilled with Butter (9,050) Balenos Meal (115,500) Serendia Meal (149,075) Calpheon Meal (139,900)
  10. My friends and I are having the same problem. It looks like other people are having the problem too according to the Black Desert PS4 Discord.
  11. Wholeheartedly agree. And to change their colors from a palette could be nice too.
  12. There's mention of an Equipment Tailoring Coupon, but I can't find where those are.
  13. Safe enough to turn your back on. Family Name: Sion Region: NA https://twitter.com/AngelicRomancer/status/1190311871909371905?s=09
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