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  1. @CM_Valtarra you have any idea why or is it going to start at reset
  2. Axelsun

    Mini map

    Just got on today and minimap is gone dont see anyway to turn it on
  3. Axelsun

    Cant play

    Not really sure if this falls under a bug or what but I cant even log into bdo anymore I closed the game after afk training all night to give it a rest but when I logged in I kept getting blue screen saying data is corrupted to delete and redownload now I've done this most of the day but now I'm stuck at loading screen and still get it @CM_Valtarra
  4. Axelsun

    Sever lag

    Game has been unplayable loading screens every 40 sec cant fight mobs cant do anything This is in NA severs
  5. Thanks meant where to design it at but I found out just a while ago didnt know each city had different outfits but ty for replying and hope u had a good trip .
  6. We are a new life guild with pve we are based in calphalon 2. We are in need of some active members to join any lvl or experience is ok. My character name is Shadika you can either whisper me for invite or reply here with ur character name and when I get back I'll invite u thank you all have a great day
  7. do life skills is fun but try to pick one main craft u want to do if u decide to go with some life skills. I made the mistake of picking everything I wanted to make so most of my banks are maxed out and full of crafting stuff lol
  8. Trust me I know even with the spook event most of us costume crafters cant make the ones we get because it doesn't let us and we've all asked the gm and nothing lol kind of a joke now
  9. I've been doing fine went to the mine in helms killed mobs for maybe 30 min had enought to do 2 scrolls
  10. So I got all 10 fabric pieces and I got the outfit I want but not sure how to make it I have the costume mill and its 2 star but I have no option to make the design kinda at a lost of what to do please help @CM_Valtarra
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