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  1. KruZz

    Field/World Boss

    No thank you for taking your time to answer you are appreciated
  2. KruZz

    Field/World Boss

    Another thing u said each player has a small chance of getting it yesterday Saturday October 27 the same guy got 2 Zarkas boxes morning and night which is wow small chances yeh
  3. KruZz

    Field/World Boss

    Did u read my post? I mention the tree disappeared to an outpost out of his spawn range and then appeared behind me and killed me, the drop yes i am dissapointed you right not from the tree since i dont participate in that one that much but mostly on kzarka since i been assisting many days and from 2 to 3 times a day depending in its spawn times and still dont get it. Its the same either ways, the tree broski the freaking tree dissapeared for minutes and i lost equipment dying thats my concern, the drop is bs but am good with that because i think it makes me play more i like the game. Another thing FailsTacks how tf do they work? I had 31 FS in a +13 kutum and from 50 dura went to 25 and still +13 its kindda dumb cuz do u base the game in luck? Possibilities? And if so what really counts? I dont want communism in BDO fk no but be fair , i grind for hours and hours lol, maybe its because i didnt pay for pearls?
  4. Well i stayed the whole night of the game pressing (X) till noon and this mfk dont want to sell the beef. BDO respect the players time please.
  5. Today just now in server Media 1 around 5:40am NA time i was fighting Dim Tree first it dissapeared for a long minute then i die cuz of all the mess the lag created, then when it came back cuz i found the Dim Tree in Western Guard Camp he decides that only one person should have the Armor. Yesterday [Friday October 25] i went for Kutum (i didnt die) and still the World Boss decides to hang Only ONE BOX AWAY. This is shameful. All happened in PS4. I spent a lot of hours to grind and dont pay to play for my time to dont be respected.
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