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    Um can we get rid of percentages like the upgrade chance you know since they don't matter anyways.
  2. We are a small guild average gs over 500 trying to put together a nodewars squad hmu on xbox or discord. GT[Demonkage89] discord [Xceed#6378]
  3. New&Old players welcome basically a new guild ive had it for a while I get lost in grinding & blowing stuff up I don't push for recruits much just looking for loyal active players don't have to be on everyday. At least once or twice a week help grind missions and don't be afraid of pvp because I dec over nothing and grind spots all the time and sometimes for fun and you can to! my gs is 517 anyone close to that after 14 days are up if you want officer I need a few to help build. Future plans include: Node wars, siege wars, GvG & all pve content Hmu here or Xbl gt: Demonkage89 Char name: Xceed
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