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  1. Yeah I just like to talk about theoretical solutions to obvious problems that might never get addressed lmao This will probably never be seen by the actual developers and even if it was im not sure how good their english is considering the 'Spook' boss they implemented. 😏
  2. Personally i like the weight for potions because it keeps people on their toes instead of having 2k pots at all time... I would like to see slottable potions for the fairy with miraculous cheer though (100 stack of potions that dont go in your personal inventory) to help grinding a bit without giving people too much healing
  3. So im not sure how many other people feel that lifeskilling is a little unfair on console compared to pc but i definitely do. Since we cant multitask by minimizing the game who feels we should have some kind of offline bonus/speed for lifeskills/workshops? Or any other suggestions that help us not have to leave the game on while we lifeskill! (I would love to be able to watch netflix and not have my farm gain only 3% in a few hours)
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