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  1. Wow, Aakman farming! Just curious, what is you ap/dp @Jost?
  2. This is the true. As soon the night vendor shows up, field boss will be good as guild boss (no one cares).
  3. When you deposit a item using a container, it don't stack with other already deposited itens, instead it occupies another slot (but when depositing direct with the storage npc, it goes normal) When withdrawing itens using the container, it says that the items doesn't exist, making this impossible, so you need to go physically at the npc to withdraw items. Same for silver. Thanks in advice!
  4. Yes. Get lvl 50 and fight some players.
  5. This for the trashes only? (White itens) I mean, blue+ grade itens still have the same drop rate?
  6. It's just me, or the drop rates have been changed at the final game? It's like Steel Imps didn't drop anything !
  7. That's only because your friends don't have the profile to play BDO. The ones who really stay in BDO don't care about how much they die in PvP, they only keep grinding and grinding until they get better. BDO is only a game and will never make everyone happy, so there's the ones who likes it and the ones who dislike. Based on PC player base, I say there's a ton of players who likes BDO the way it is.
  8. Yes, you're right, but not everybody likes it. Not everybody likes to farm like there no tomorrow, upgrade all your gear, and then when it comes to pvp, all are equal, even the new guy. For games likes this there's MOBAs. The fun is just upgrade and become stronger. Not upgrade and be equal. No ones like to be equal, not in BDO.
  9. But...that's nothing new, right? I mean, I've played a lot of MMORPG and it's always the same. In PvP the overgeared wins. You can't expect to start playing in a day and pvp with players that's have been playing over a year or more, no matter the game. So if you wanna be strong, play, otherwise you'll be weak. No matter when, no matter where. Simple as that.
  10. Já disseram que não vão fazer traduções para outras línguas antes do lançamento. Talvez após o lançamento tenha alguma tradução, mas não por enquanto. Nem tradução e nem vender na live brasileira.
  11. Hello all. In PC there is an option to, when youre joined a party, the items sell aito at market and the members can roll dice(or skip) to get the item before it sells at market. So, I don't remember this function on Beta. It'll be in game at launch or after some patches? Thanks!
  12. "Karma system same as KR" What is the system used in KR? Can someone help me with it please ?
  13. You said you played on PC right? So you know the entire launch line... First Balenos and Serendia, then Calpheon, then mediah.... Upgrades start with +15 cap, then cap to TRI then to PEN. Etc etc etc, as I said, same launch line PC had we'll have in BDX... Why? Because this is Pearl Abyss
  14. As a veteran player I can put it simple to you: If you plan to be hardcore/semi-hardcore pvp player: $100 pre order pack is a must buy If you plan to be casual player: $30 pre order pack If you plan to play from time to time while you player other games: don't buy (cuz you need a LOT of time into BDO until it can be really enjoyable) or wait until the prices go down
  15. Here's my tip: Expect the same launch line as PC had at all servers (specially SEA, that was the last one).
  16. @Dova do you have the link? Thanks in advice for the info!
  17. Will the game be available to other regions store's before the launch? Just answer this @[CM] Simon...please.
  18. @Darthaden @Harming Actually, maids can be placed in any house and used in any region. The point is, when you summon anywhere in the land of Balenos, the gold/storage the maid uses will be from that region. If you summon in Calpheon, will be from Calpheon, and so go on. Just depends where you summon it, not where you place. Oh, and there is a 15 min cool down for each one. If you have 3 storage maids, they'll enter in cool down separately. Hope it clarify Best regards!
  19. I assume the recent updates (counting from oct~nov) will not be implemented at launch BUT will do along the time.
  20. Alfajores

    2 days

    "Thanks for pré ordering. The game will launch fall 2019" 😐 just saying...
  21. Cara, eu acredito que o jogo vira apenas com servidor NA e EU. Todo em inglês. Ao longo do tempo não serão lançados outros servidores, diferente do PC. Não terá cross platform. Ciente disso eu me abstenho de aguardar algum lançamento pro BR e vou jogar felizão no server NA. Se você for jogar e quiser jogar junto, é só chamar Best regards!
  22. Hello all. @[CM] Simon since we are near the pre-sale and possible launch, do we have news about the availability of BDX in stores of other regions (asia/oce/south America, etc?) Thanks in advance!
  23. There's some issues that I went trough and I like to share, dont know if it'll be useful, but here I go: Skills: can't see how much SP the skills needs to be unlocked/leveled. Can't see what level you need to unlock the next level of the skill. The description of the last skills is using the keys from PC: "V" "Z" "X" Shops: PLEASE! Add an button to switch between Inventory Gold and Storage Gold. Actually you need to go all the way down to change it. I believes the AH will be the same way, so add the same button for it too please. Add a button for quickly sell all. Actually you need to go all way down to select "all" and sell all the items....so boring! World Map: when searching for houses to buy (through the world map) there is a filter button, BUT it doesnt work (filter stars, type of house, owned/not owned). The filter list pops up but you cant go to the right to select it, its shows up but its useless. Thats all I can remember for now. When I get more things I'll come again. Hope it helps! Cheers!
  24. Hey guys, dont take the PvP thing too Hard. Since lvl 50 you can open PK and be PKed, ok, but that doesnt means that you'll be killed every time. There is Karma Points to ensure that no ones will kill you all day long. I think you can kill 2 or 3 times someone before you got Red Flag, where you lose exp and item upgrade when killed, so it isnt a good deal to go out killing everybody, specially if they dont make any bad to you. Usually, the "street pk" happens in high contested mob areas where high lvls farm, those place are sausans, desert, kamasylvia and pirates. If you're a casual player and like to PvE only, maybe you'll never cross way with those guys. Oh, and if you're in a Guild that opens war with another guild, its open pvp for everybody that doent lose karma, so you can kill any member fron the enemy guild how maby times you want...BUT the guild leader can flag (I think its max 10 members) as "Protected" so they cant kill not be killed, so you're always safe! Enjoy the game! Its a pvp game, of course, but only for high lvl...there is no point in killing low levels, its an useless use of karma :P Have fun!
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