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  1. Ok, I summated everything I've written on here thus far that I see as needing attention This is everything until after the new year, I have studies and Korean to learn so that we wont need a translator anymore Thank you for your diligence and I mean no offence to the creators of this game, but I am here doing this to critique it and assess it for what it it's and how it could be improved Some of these ideas are very compatible with the current game, others however would require stripping down some walls because people misunderstand what a skill is vs an ability or feat. The item and durability mechanics i have proposed would most definitely be the most effective way to balance game mechanics in nearly every way. The PK system would add a sense of joy to killing randoms and being hunted by alot of people, or being the hunter chasing down the killer. If im to stress three things this game should change immediately would be NPC reductions Durability system overhaul PK bounty board Followed by every single option mentioned for using the smart phone as an extension of the game This could be the list for the games new year's resolution
  2. NPCs Reduce Guard Count 50% Remove Wandering NPCs 80% Reduce Creature Count 20% Decrease Spawn Time 25% Remove NPCs that lack function Greatly Reduce the Special Effects of weapons, attacks and skills. Healing Bandages Uses alchemy based life skill Can heal large quantities of HP Can easily be disrupted Disruption reduces effects Cannot be interrupted Can revive other players Can cure some status effects Can use on self Can use on others At master alchemist -revive 8 seconds -cure self status 8 seconds -heal self 6 seconds -cure other 6 seconds -heal other 4 seconds Cross Platform Trading Xbox, PS and Mobile device cross trade compatibility, not full game compatibility. Utilizes Black Desert+ as a trade conduit Central market - only requires items that are listed to have the same hex values to be compatible Workers exchange - Register and View Offers Horse exchange - Register, View Offers and Breed Advance Features for Black Desert+ While logged on console allow the following to be done to the character and game via mobile device using Black Desert+ - Inventory management *May transfer items to and from storage only if in housing with storage crate. - Node management *Requires premium and uses energy to invest contribution points - Storage management *May transfer items to and from inventory only if in house with storage crate. - Worker crafting management *Start, stop and number of items - Worker node management *Start, stop and number of repeats - Transportation management *Allow shipping to be done, send and collect - Processing management *All processing types *Better usability and UI than a controller can offer at this current time *Exclude imperial crafting (if desired) - Maid and Butler service *able to move single stacks to and from storage and CM, cooldown counter starts Items & Durability - Make repairing an item lower the maximum durability of an item * Applies to all items and accessories - Exponential increase in cost to repair the higher level the item is * I = x2 II = x4 III = x8 IV = ×16 V = x32 - Decreased max durability loss the higher grade and level the item is - Increased max durability loss for low grade and low level items - Exponential decrease in repair cost the lower the grade and level is # Closes gear gap # Reduces number of Ultra characters # Helps level playing field at all levels # Promotes character progression # Brings ease to making new characters # Brings soft cap down to a respectable level so that creatures in game never become easy to farm # Places hard cap due to exponential costs associated with running Ultra gear # Encourages massive trade on CM for items as everyone will be losing durability and max durability all of the time PK Bounty System - Place however much gold you would like on your murderer's head *All servers - Town and City bounty boards that display in real time current value for their signet ring - No limit to number of persons typ sign up to hunt for a murderer's signet ring - Murderer's who've restored their karma can still be slain without loss to the hunters Karma - The PK even with positive karma will still face potential gear loss as that offs associated with the bounty - Negative karma just means anyone can attack you, a bounty means hunters can kill you in town while your afk regardless of karma User Interface - Que for item heating for multiple item types - Processing expedition *Auto load materials into window if selecting a highlighted and known recipe since values are already known Awakening and Defense Loss - The higher grade and level of awakening weapon the greater the loss of defense points Combat Skill Points - Grant DP to non-awakening users at a rate of .02 DP % Increase per combat point invested into non-awakening skills *Example 700 Combat Points = 14% DP *Bonus available to all players starting at level 1 *Only granted DP bonus when non-awakening weapon is out - Grant AP to awakening users at a rate of .01 AP % increase per combat point invested into awakening skills *Only granted AP bonus when awakening weapon is used # Brings balance to fights since awakening attacks have huge range advantages
  3. Ok, I am going to apologize forthright for this suggestion however it is absolutely necessary if this game is to grow, because the more players that log in, the more what your about to read becomes true. This game has hardly caught traction yet, just wait till your player base triples and then think about how many changes should have been made before it becomes so bad people stop logging on. Being that this is a console game, wasting resources on NPCs that do not do anything to actually add to the games depth other than making it look nicer, it is sapping precious system resources. 1.) Town guards, how many do we need, the answer is not how many that look nice, it is how many does it take for them to do their job and kill PKs trying to enter the town. 2.) Wandering Non-Combative NPCs, there's a huge number of these, none with actual purpose. Yes they look nice, but they are subtracting from more important areas of this game, such as GM events, rendering time issues, system latency. Would anyone else like to see these resources used else where our even just not used at all? 3.) The number of creatures at spawn are high, you would increase the available resources by reducing count and reducing spawn time. 20% reduction in max spawn count, reduce spawn time to equal the same number of dead bodies laying around in the same amount of time. Same result, same number of dead creatures, less bodies active at one time. Incorporate an algorithm that increases count temporarily and also reduces spawn time if people are killing the crap out of whatever it is. 4.) NPCs that lack function, purpose or questline. Who on here needs NPCs to make a game feel populated? If they have a purpose, questline, or are a type of vendor, then keep them. Otherwise clean house. We don't have the system resources on a ps4 pro let alone an old ps4. 5.) Functional over flashy. If it cannot function with the flash, then it cannot function. The more flash, the less function. 6.) Find what is the number one most taxing thing on this game and go full potato on it graphically, then move the bar up a little at a time until you reach a point where it's functionally is equal to or greater than its graphical quality. Ultima online has more active users than ps4, and it is the grandfather of potato, but the games functionally is solid. 7.) Special effects, if you have 100 people in a small area can or system even render potato skill effects? I honestly don't think it can, which means large scale events wont work unless people either agree/push for removal of the flashy crap for more modest effects followed by the game dev team making the change. 10 to 1, reduce the processing requirement of skill effects by 90% so that if you get lag from 10 people spamming huge AOE graphic intense crap then now you could handle closer to 100. Ok, this is by far the harshest thing I've written yet, but my ps4 pro sounds like it wants to take off and I'm not even fighting anything nor is anyone around me. You can offer a better product by not trying to push graphics, graphics on this game would be the equivalent of the new Toyota Supra with a Camry engine in it when for the same price you could tune a 86 to a whole new level for the same price. Graphics dont make a game any more fun, graphics trick people into thinking it's great when in reality the game could have potato functionality and lefse for content (That's rolled potato baked on a cast iron skillet then add butter and sugar) on a game that the system can't handle. Pull assets from the game and potato the heck out of it until mass world events work, because honestly, isn't this an mmorpg. Keep the character textures, poly count and whatnot but please I and from what I've watch people complain about already, don't be wasteful, please be very decisive with all you add to this game. Please accept my apologies as I do not want to watch this fail due to misappropriation. Once in a while you've got to be told where and how to step it up and I am subject to the same. If your read this through and thoroughly, I thank you.
  4. Ok, So, this is a particular item that has been augmented with particular materials that make the skin, blood and bone of your enemies; wither, boil and break. They could be crafted, are breakable, expensive but provide a nice buff those who want to play within the safety of the town guards. The materials used should be rare, not all should be so easily attained and easily kept.
  5. Ok, This one it's basic, add bandages to the game for WP based characters, use the alchemy life skill to determine its effectiveness, being that alchemy is the result and action of seeking knowledge. Using bandages should heal a large portion of health, however, each time you get hit it increases how long it will take to finish and reduce the amount healed. Master healer should be able to heal themself in no less than 5 seconds, if poisoned the bandage will first cure the poison. If bleeding the bandage will cure either one of the status effects by RNG. Strong poisons should be potent enough that in as little as 10 seconds you could be dead. This isnt some upset stomach from old food, this is venom. Bandages could be used to cure poisoning, burns, bleeding and poison. Each time damage is taken it interrupts the process making you less effective. The bandages could be used to resurrect another player, I would suggest no less than 8 seconds to perform and no less than 4 second cast time for a SP based character. Resurrection: 8 seconds WP / 4 seconds SP Cure: 6 seconds WP / 3 seconds SP Heal: 5 seconds WP / 2 seconds SP These would be the fastest times one could achieve. This will help promote longer battles and give the battlefield a much greater dynamic. Magic casters heal quicker but for less and if they get hit there it's a chance that the heal will be totally interrupted. Also, we should be able to heal and cure each other at an expedited rate. That's all for this subject, healing its not ment to be easy however it should be effective. That is why the casters get a debuff because it it's convenient.
  6. Also I should add that a worker and mount exchange could exist under these stated conditions.
  7. Due the the genius of this game and the inability to farm in game currencies for transfer of real in world currency, this is viable option. The only requirement for this is that an Items stats are the same across each platform and each nation around the world. The Black Desert+ Smart Phone App would be essentially become a conduit for all of the systems to talk, in a sense of items exchange. It would remove the item from one system in whatever nation and apprear on another system in another nation. This would, could and should apply to Black Desert Mobile, Black Desert PS4 & Xbox and PC Black Desert Remastered. The difficult one would be for the PC to join as all of the other systems would have to have all of the central market items available to the PC version. The other versions are also more closely related in versions. Mobile and Console would be a very easy feat to accomplish and the traction this company would gain with its user base would be totally unfounded, rest assured, it would be phenomenal. The consoles should have the same functionality as the Mobile devices do, as not to exclude function from one to the next. I am currently working on a User Interface that would be nearly on par with the speed and accuracy that a smart phone allows for control, but with a controller instead for those who either do not have, can't get or can't afford. Thank you. Sincerely, Gacup (Sparkle Sparkle)
  8. Hey, So I was thinking, you know how the Nintendo DS used a second screen for a better user experience. I'm thinking that for alot of functions. Market function for Exchanges and CM could be utilized while not active on console. All other options will only be available if you are logged into both Black Desert+ and Black Desert on PS4 concurrently Examples of such functions would be as follows; 1.) Inventory Management (Organizational Only, Exception; Logged on in Housing with Storage Containers for cross transfers) 2.) Central Market Management (Functional) Just realized that this is a thing 3.) Node Management (Both Premium & Energy Required) 4.) Storage Management (Organizational, Exception; Logged on in Housing with Storage Containers for cross transfers) 5.) Transport Management (Ship and Collect) 6.) Worker Crafting Management (Manage Crafting of Items) 7.) Processing Management (Addition to the Inventory Management, Storage Management system and CM Management) that allows the user to Process and craft items. 8.) Maid & Butler service (Allow the use of maids and/or butlers for moving items from CM to Inventory to Storage and vice versa) This would allow the users to stay logged into the game and be able to play life skills from work as the phone and game would be tethered together. A chat function for Server and World granted people have the available shouts, utilizing that Pearl Shop item. The only options that should remain totally unusable is transfer from CM to your Character, you must use a Butler for that. Next the character you pick on console will be your smart phones avitar to control remotely and issue basic commands too that do not require movement. Thats all and this would be so cool!
  9. You would need a massive support network of grinding and life skillers to support having a few users of end game boss gear and they would literally be the boss on whatever battlefield they walk on. The masses would tremble before them in hopes that they could kill the beast. The PK King
  10. Ok, in short it would be a major benefit to the CM, pvp, pve, game longevity due to increased difficulty from removal of gear bias and increase the purpose of life skills. If all items lost max durability every time you repaired them, then the AP and DP gap between mid and high lvl characters would close over time because of wear and tear / attrition of gear. This would make the game much less gear dependent and much more skill dependent Im not saying destroy items, I'm asking why on earth don't they degrade over time and usage.
  11. Hey, you guys already have an NPC in game who you oay alpt of silver to find the location of said individual Chuckles in slov* I crack me up lol
  12. It would be pretty awesome if when a PK kills us that we could place a bounty on his head for others to try and collect. A bounty board in each town and a system to sign up as if a player based quest for Platoons to hunt PKs for whats been placed on their head
  13. Hello, So, one thing in nearly every game that has a durability system is at what point can an item break or breakdown. Currently the only time you lose max durability is when you enhance an Item. This is a problem for the economy, as items can and will stockpile ecause people who have end game gear will always have the ability to use it without consequence. By making a few simple tweaks people would have to think twice about which gear they should use. Every time you repair your gear at a vendor, it should lose some max Durability. Unless you have for example a Anvil and Artisan processing to repair your own. Repairing your own should consume some type of resource to stop the loss of max durability. This resource should change depending on the level and rarity of the gear so that it is in effect not indestructible. You should have to maintain your gear. This will help pull gear off the shelves and make having boss gear loss OP by making players choose when they should use it. Further, evey action that invloves Enhancing, Enchanting and Transfusion should consume at minimum some durability unless you have the materials to negate that loss. For example, Cron stones and its subsequent non existent stones for lower grade items to prevent durability loss from augmentation of any kind. Using the item should only consume durability but any further action to the item should damage the maximum durability. It should not be indestructible in the sense that the only time you have too worry about max durability is when you are leveling it up. This idea will encourage trade and close the gear gap by making all gear have a usable life span that requires attention when it is near its end. This will stop everyone from being godlike all the time, it will bring the struggle back to the PvE and PvP as those PKs who roam wont just be able to go non-stop. The people grinding will have too acquire new strategies and be weary of how and what too farm. This is a positive change for the amount of item saturation of worthless gear, CM saturation of worthless Mats, reduce the saturation of Boss gear currently in play/use, increase CM trade quantities, reduce player AP and DP gaps and lastly the removal of huge amounts of Silver from the in game economy. This gives silver more value and we need more ways to burn silver off from the game so that not everyone can afford everything all of the time. Financial decisions should be made with thought. The only thing any of you can gripe about is that this will make you have to appreciate your gear and look after it. That the grind is not over and that you don't get to be godlike all the time. This, this is a small but yet very effective way to change the entire dynamic of the game in positive ways, adding a degree of difficulty behind the concept of it without actually changing the difficulty of the creatures. I hope none of you get too pissed but select your gear carefully, you'll need more than one set and you should be cautious of the financial decisions you make in game. Gacup
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