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  1. i think Devs need to hear our thoughs about that. Korean are PC game makers and we see the result. They need our feedback to make them understand that console is not PC. This UI is a big mistake in my opinion. But my opinion alone worth nothing. We need to hear the community about it. Tx and good Valkyrie leveling 🙂
  2. Atrocious. UI for PC gamers. Need to roll back and rethink it for console.Makes the game unconfortable.
  3. Roll back the quest UI. This does not fit console. This is mouse/keypad friendly user only. Makes the game atrocious. Please give us at least the choice to make it as it was. In fack the whole UI need to roll back and be adapt for console.
  4. Finally worked out , had tobe in a guild. Inviting by guild tab is working.
  5. Blaktorne

    Cant party

    I was able to party only once. Now nobody within my friends can party witheach other. We tried everything. Please this should be priority no1. This game is nothing without partying. Tx
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