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  1. Panzerraoul

    Order weapon

    Hello i have preorder a TET liverto gauntlet on CM at max Price. EU server.
  2. Hello. Why the New classes haven't awakening ? when the ninja and lahn come the awakening was directly available
  3. Thanks you it up with 90fs
  4. Hello. I try to up m'y awak Blue weapon for striker few days ago. I start to try with 50fs i am today with 85fs spend 150+M should i try more or i am very unlucky and will never stop to fail? Everybody Say toi me they succeed the TET with 50 or max 65 fs. I am very disapointed. Are you unlucky like me or i am alone ?
  5. Ok thanks cause on PS4 each class had directly the awakening before this update.
  6. Hello. Someone know when the awakening will be available for this two class? Thx.
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