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  1. Never mind...moved them from calpheon from heidel and now it's working.
  2. How...please tell me cuz I'm lost...
  3. Hello, For me and various others, this quest stopped working after the most recent content update. I tried to see if either of the hotfix patches would help, but as of right now, this quest is still not working. The hut does not allow you to interact, but the incon shows up. Both I and my cousin are having the issue. Please advise. Lele And yes, I did submit a ticket, just wondering if maybe there is something wrong we are doing. .
  4. That is too bad. For me. I turned on my life skill quests and I was able to complete this quest. I also had the knowledge before picking up the quest.
  5. Sometimes these type quest require you to activate life skill quests in your profile. Lele
  6. I've completed this quest many times before on other characters, but since the update there is an issue. The white and black soldier's corpses do not show up. I tried switching servers and nothing. See screen shot below:
  7. You have to complete valencia 1 line and you must enable your other quests under your profile. It's a lifeskill quest I believe.
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