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  1. Hi, I am pretty new to fishing. Got myself a boat, and have been fishing North of velia. I only have roughly 90 inventory. I know it's bad. But I seem to only bring in 1 or 2 high end fish. 1 or 2 keys. And 1 shard per trip. Making (without selling my keys or shards) 700k to 1mil. Do I need to fish further out? I know hotspots don't show up u till later levels.
  2. So I'm fairly new to the game. I mean I've read things, watched videos, played for a bit. I know about different sets. My question is more toward gear score and where to level. My main was a level 52 wizard. But they have the Mystic level up event going. So I'm leveling her for right now to 58. I have a DP of 165 or 167 cant remember offhand. My AP is 97. I had asked in Server if for my AP if Hex was good enough xp to get going. I was told to go to mines or Helms. I went over to Helms and got trashed my on my first group. Went back, pulled less. And it's doing okay, but I seem to be killing them fairly slow. A group of 8 or 9 takes around a minute 30 to 2 minutes. Ish. Should i just keep at it or go somewhere else?
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