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  1. We need more items from pearl shop at the central market. There's a bunch of items from pearl shop that isn't available at CM on the xbox version, and there's no decent reason for that because we already need to pay a monthly subscription to be able to play the game and we also need to buy the game. So many players can't afford Live Gold + VP, Weight, inv slots and that's a simple thing that gonna help so many players with. There's so many things to work yet like new classes, regions, items and stuff but we definitely need more items from pearl shop At the Central Market. Pearl Abyss will not lose anything from it because someone will need to buy pearls to get the items and sell them at CM, it's just a way to help people that are enjoying the game but can't afford stuff from pearl shop. Here is the petition link to people that want to suport it : http://chng.it/7L4tMp5MX2
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