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  1. We are still recruiting!
  2. Just wanted to let you know you posted to the ps forum, not the xbox. Good luck!
  3. Hello! RumPie is a PVX/Lifeskills guild who have recently started getting into node wars. We are mainly on Mediah 1and Arsha (though you can play on your own on any server). Guild memebers are are helpful both through guild chat and our discord. There is typically a ps voice chat available to join. Our main goal is to have a good time! Our current passive skills are all maxed except for trade and seige weapon damage (though they will be soon!). We recommend a 400+ gearscore to join, but are willing to help active players build their gearscore from lower. Join our discord and send a message in the general chat so we can figure out a time when you'll be on to send a contract! https://discord.gg/cNWbC7r
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