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  1. Or is it you being the low gs being shot by a higher geared q buffin zerk? Please leave the topic. Great post @The Guiido let’s hope for the best.
  2. Have they made any reply regarding potato mode at all?
  3. Betty


    Few spots left, mostly looking for witchards as of now. Throw me, @Daniel or @Dr INF3NRO a pm and we'll get back to you. Hope everyones having a blast in general in the game.
  4. Betty


    Yes, we're looking mainly for people that will be able to attend that, sieges/nodes will be our main focus later on once they are added to the game. If you change your mind and start being interested in those kinds of stuff, do not hesitate to contact me!
  5. bohoo, I'm sensing the same meltdown you had a couple of months ago, you should stop now before another panic attack starts creeping up on you again babygurl
  6. probably going to be burned out and quit
  7. My white knight in shining armor, thanks!
  8. You clearly have read about 1/3 of the topic, i’m tempted to correct you on every point but, yea.. no, if you’re not reading properly i can’t help you. Can help you on one though, we reported when we found out a member of ours abused an exploit and removed said member from guild, what are you saying? I say, go back and read posts if you wanna discuss. Also, where have i stated that i’m inviting you personally? you seem to have been waiting for something to complain on, this isn’t it my man.
  9. Good quality post! I have no objections
  10. Alright, exploiters go along and join Alpha. Great marketing lord! Also, before acting smart like this I suggest you inform yourself on what happened so you can prevent yourself from looking dumb, or perhaps that's what your into, lord.
  11. Yup exactly, none of it was intended obviously - which means all actions were exploits in my opinion. People are going to state otherwise but I guess the majority of the community knows what it is, people should also ask themselves if they wanna be in a guild that accepts that. Just my 2 cents
  12. You don't seem to understand what it actually was. Cheap pet feed was sold in the market for 2.500.000 x 1, market bought it instantly from you without there being an actual buyer. When we caught a guy there had been 4500 sold and he had maxed everything in the first day of beta. 4500x2.500.000=11.2 billion silver. Do you state that this is not an exploit, sir? So with the money, people could post +0 weapons for example and buy +7 and extract said weapons for black stones to upgrade. People also did 6 characters, did the rednose quest on every character > burned the shudad armor on every > got cron stones worth 10 millions per shudad armor = 60 million.
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