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  1. Betty

    Why to chose Berserker ?

    Yassssssss! My boyssss
  2. There are some I guess, ours are Symphony.
  3. Cool, an actual EU guild, nice to see. See you ingame bruh!
  4. Betty

    Dark Knight

    Come on..
  5. Betty

    Ignorance on official forums

    Agreed, and for people that's not very much active on the official discord, how should we be able to keep up and track the answers? Would be alot better if you (CM's) would answer us on the forums. Very strange.
  6. Can this be pinned so we dont need the topics with the same questions over and over again?
  7. Betty

    EU 🎼Symphony🎼

    Yea, spent the 6 months to make that ****, you approve?
  8. Betty

    Classes available at launch?

    Can someone make a FAQ and pin it?
  9. Betty

    EU 🎼Symphony🎼

    Topic's updated with the website for those who have missed. Would love some more zerker-buddies, Visit www.symphonybdx.tk to apply!
  10. Betty

    EU 🎼Symphony🎼

    Sure thing Sir! Go ahead and apply in the discord presented above
  11. Betty

    EU 🎼Symphony🎼

    As mention by the goat of goats above, dont hesitate to join!
  12. Betty

    EU 🎼Symphony🎼

    I still got c-c-c-candy