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  1. Hello Gamers 😀 I have a problem with the quest, where we earn 3 pets for free. This quest includes 3 quests. Each of them is just go to the NPC and speak. Then you get the pet. My problem is, the last quest where i have to speak with "Bareeds III". This isn't working. The three other NPC worked without a problem at all. When I want to speak to the "Bareed III", the quest just don't appears in the dialog. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thank you, for you answer! Kind Regards, Dark King 👍
  2. Thank you all very much! You all are helping me alot😀
  3. Now I get it. Thank you very much!😀
  4. Thank you for your answer. No I'm/we're not strong enough to fight a world boss. Sorry i still don't get it. What is a "notice head"?
  5. Hello Friends 😀 When I play with my cousin online, we always see fieldbosses (sorry if the word is not correct. I play BDO on german version). But we never saw them appear on the field. We spended so much time looking for them. What are we doing wrong? How can we implore him/them? The reason why we want to beat them is, get some good equipment (we are level 30 at the moment) and to have fun. Thank you guys for your answers!!
  6. Thank you very much guys! You all helped me really alot!!😀👍
  7. Thank you Linxz for your answer! It helped me alot 😀👍
  8. Hello gamers 😀 Yesterday I found out about Black Desert Online. I startet my research about this game and I like it alot so far! But I got still some questions. I would be happy, if someone could give me answers for my questions. - Does leveling my character up to level 50 take long? I'm asking that, because I would like to start a new game but I don't have much time to play it all the time. 1-2h daily is my limit. - What kind of riding animals does BDO have? - Is it a "pay to win" game? With that I mean, when I don't invest real money in this game, is it still possible for me achieve good items or good armour and alot of money? - Can you tell me your favorite part about this game? Thank you for your answer and your time!😀
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