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  1. They said it went down to the seconds in some instances so you just lost the race from a ps4 day 1 player
  2. the best option is switch servers as there is no policy due to the open world pvp
  3. Doubt these will come for awhile as they will ruin the market place as people will use these instead of making new weapons or buying new weapons
  4. Well if you use the **** that wasn't yours expect to repay that is common sense but it seems some have lost it
  5. It was designed for all platforms as said in streams it's a bit clunky and takes some getting used to it like it better
  6. I'm not saying it's a bad idea but how would it prevent me selling a pen dandy at the lowest price to another account of mine or a rmt doing it unless the price range would be at or above 85% of highest market value to prevent reselling
  7. Prevents real money selling and prevents me from creating 4 different accounts that lifeskill for money and giving it all to my main
  8. It will all get fixed next year when the next gen consoles come out lol hold on for the long ride lol
  9. I would hold on to them if you are looking for those items as the systems can't handle ocean or t8 but will more than likely be put back when they release or you can be risky and spend and hope they give us each a t8 and epheria sail boat
  10. Heve are bought in mass as they are great for failstacks and if it pops it sells so you never really lose but now everyone back to reblath lol
  11. Lol imagine the grind on a pve server where you can't kill what would it be 1 mob per person wait for respawn kill again lol but as I have said before if you wanna know what's coming look to pc and as it stands Korean and na/eu pc play for pvp they are coming out with crimson desert which has more pve but other than that pve won't be coming as said in many streams
  12. Lol stones will have around a 90% drop rate and the rest will vary between 5 and .1% just like all the rngs boxes in the game
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