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  1. Uninstalling and reinstalled and that fixed it
  2. So whenever I try to use the central market part of the app it takes me to some weird window
  3. Those do not effect black stone prices at all in any way whatsoever artisan memories do nothing with black stones. blackstones are way too easy to get I can farm hundreds in a day easily and they would have and don’t have any effect whatsoever. It’s just a form of proof that the night vendors are still going off normal prices. just saying the night vendors prices aren’t actually 50% of what they normally are like the event says just the energy
  4. So I don’t know how many actually notice but his energy is the only thing that’s 50% off, all the weapons/armor that pop up are still his regular prices not 50% of what they should be armor stones weapon stones and shards are all still the same prices. I’ve gotten almost all my boss gear from him which is a lot so I recognize the prices as being the same as always. He has a chance to offer everything from 50%-300% current market values and his prices aren’t changing on that otherwise you’d be able to roll a zarka for 25 mil or so.
  5. I don't have an SSD but I am on a PS4 pro and depending on the times of day is what makes the biggest difference for me early mornings everyone is rendered immediately while as the day goes on and players from other timezones log in performance slowly gets worse to where entire teams are invisible until the next morning pretty much. There's also other players that have stated getting an SSD doesn't do squat that also on PS4 pro as well as I've got friends and guildmates that got ssds and said they had great load times but things like nodewars and rbf it made no difference there's still invisible players.
  6. So sorry I'm a pessimist and I basically look at this as a server merge being both consoles will have less servers. Anyways I'm curious about what the nodewar players feel about having their territories taken from them and now having to fight against a much stronger population for them? According to the announcement only crossplay servers will now have the node wars apparently
  7. The advantage of an SSD will work wonders when loading and textures that are actually stored with the drive itself however that won't transfer over when it's loading everyone's character customizations as well as it won't help the ps4s graphics card run faster to render all the skill effects/particles and so on that the card has to render. Loading times yes it will definitely go faster but I've built PC's and there's a reason most only use an SSD for the os and then a typical hdd for storage. If the information isn't stored on the SSD then it's fkall worth anything. As well as the graphics card in the PS4 was barely capable of this game when it came out 5 years ago on PC's infact my r9290x which is extremely old is still on its own more powerful than a PS4 with 8gb ddr5 at 4.5ghz I could put it in the crappiest PC and still have better performance.
  8. If your going to try to insult someone at least make sure your spelling is correct it's welfare and boy both just make you sound like some idiot out of the boonies and secondly my wife and I have more in our bank accounts and invested than your family probably makes in a year combined. Just not dumb enough to waste hundreds or thousands on a game I probably won't be playing in two months time. I was never complaining about it being too costly to play that was you with your pay to win which you clearly have a hard time understanding what that phrase actually means but then again you have a hard time spelling so obviously reading and comprehension isn't your forte as well as that was a poor veiled attempt to call yourself civil and then follow it with an insult.
  9. How does that help me beat another player in any way whatsoever? Doesn't make me hit harder, doesnt make me have more defence, doesn't give me more accuracy or ap or dp, again that's not p2w those are conveniences there's not swimming competitions that swimming faster matters in or cooking faster or alchemy matters in, weight are you joking? Kid if these are pay to win you should stop playing any games with a shop in it 😂 you'll be sadly dissapointed when you start playing games where boss gear is in loot boxes or upgrading is done with items from the store.
  10. That is not the same thing though players again use that term to easily go look at some f2p games this is far from p2w a pay to win game you wouldn't even be able to buy outfits off of other players you have to pay real cash in order to be able to compete at top tiers where as here it's easily achievable by just playing the game. I truly fail to see it as an issue cause someone can do it faster than you it's not the same as you can't do it at all unless you spend real money.
  11. Please explain what a free player can't do that a player that spends money can then? If I can earn everything in game without spending real money then there's no p2w aspect. People throw that term around too easily I've played p2w games look at a game called perfect world best endgame gear could only be gotten by buying certain items from the store that a free player could not have gotten without spending real money.
  12. The stability your talking about doesn't exist there's just as much freezing and lag as there has ever been if not moreso if the performance increase was actually noticable for you it must just be your dying less to pve because it was difficult for you to begin with. As well as every area you listed that should have mobs reduced is some of the better lower lvl pve spots if they have to remove mobs remove the outliers that no one kills the random one island full of wild weasels and racoons the random islands with 10-20 pirates the goats that are spread throughout the game that no one farms the way it was done was a very poor excuse of a solution and I only see maybe 1-2 players actually seeing some sort of improvement from it personally myself and my friends/guildmates have seen no improvement whatsoever. Also it's not even just about making money from trashloot it's harder to do guild missions, it causes more griefing because players have smaller amounts of mobs to kill and all around less loot in the game. Less to farm less ppl farming it less drops all around. And really there is no p2w mechanics you lost 99% of your credibility with that statement if your referring to Cron stones/outfits I can get enough coin in rbf in a day to get an outfit every day to Cron without spending a dime of rl cash so again there's no p2w aspect for there to be putting money into game would have to give me some sort of advantage that a free player cannot get without spending real money
  13. They also said in a stream that iframes were what is causing players to be invisible in rbf and I proved that was a load of bull in another thread sorry but the cms/GM's that stream have very little knowledge on the game. another time when they were streaming showing a quest guide, had no clue that they could pvp in the arena in alti nova and claimed to have been some kind of fanboy for the game for years. I hold very little if any confidence in what they say
  14. I've been saying exactly this for months I get they are working hard in optimizing and they've been doing a great job but they just need to let us choose not to sound like a dork but they're not Steve jobs he was the only person I know that got away with telling ppl what they wanted
  15. I don't feel any of these would work rather than saying limit classes why not look at why any one specific class is completely outperforming all others and why so many players are using that class compared to others playing multiple character means that the classes have to be competitive with one another across the board there has to be a benefit to get a player to stop playing one class over another I purposely don't play my witch or wizard cause it's boring combat but I know if I put my mystics gear on it it would completely outperform my mystic but it's personally not fun for me to play that way. As for the towers they just need the buff to actually be better 15-20 seconds and give like 50 ap by the time you get to the bottom you have six seconds and it doesn't prevent you from being stun locked
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