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  1. Contract pay isn't much. Officers get up to 250k as of now. You can make more by being active(helping ppl out, doing guild missions, etc.) in the guild. Yes.
  2. Like the title suggests, I hope a guild mission tracker can be placed. Something like 0/10 on the guild menu. It's hard to keep track on how many missions were completed for the day.
  3. Usually happens 2 weeks after a class comes out.
  4. Simple Alchemy under Processing Silver Ring = ring x10 + silver powder x10 Gold Ring= ring x10 + gold powder x10 Silver Diamond Ring = silver ring x1 + big diamond x1 Gold Diamond Ring = gold ring x1 + big diamond x1 Splendid Box = silver diamond ring x1 + ancient pearl x3 Fancy Box = gold diamond ring x10 + ancient pearl x10 Shiny Box = splendid box x10 + ancient pearl x10 Hope this helps
  5. It will come out soon. Be patient
  6. Welcome to <TheNiceGuys> We are a pve/life skill guild. We focus on helping each other out and doing guild missions. If you have any questions ask TheNiceGuys we're always down to help. Guild Skills: MAX We Play On Valencia 1 Server 55 Members Weekly Guild Bonuses
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