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  1. Console is 4 years behind pc. Granted we should probably be a little further along in the content department. We arnt really far off from where we should be for console. Rushing to get all pc content to console will lead to way more issues then added gameplay value. Alot of it i think will come with new consoles. As currently need a xbox one x with ssd to even have for the most part smooth large scale pvp. We are heavily limited on console compared to pc. They have spent most of there time on optimization (which is desperately needed) then content. I dont think they have done a bad job, only things I'm upset about is not having cron meals/draughts, caphras. I would like to have the great sea expansion as well to round out out. But other then that i think console is in a decent spot.
  2. Okay so crons didn't meet the cert deadline last update drop and that's fair, it happens I understand. So what does PA do? Not have any update at all the next content cycle... totally makes logical sense seeing how we were literally just told some things didn't make last cert update. Nice.
  3. For the longest time they told us that cron and droughts were tied to margoria as a package and would brake if other wise. So.. what's the excuse now?
  4. With the lose of 40% of all mobs in bdo could we get the trash loot buff to offset this? Would keep the performance upgrade that we wanted and the silver income relative.
  5. Dead inside. Also nice to sometimes throw music on and hit the grind. Not alot of instant gratification which plagues other games. Which gives me more satisfaction when i look at my characters and other ppl character progress. Knowing where we start to where we are.
  6. Or lack there of. I mean 1 character every 4 weeks.. really.. really😑.... come on there is literally no reason for this. No way we get full road map this year unless they drop a large update like they did at beginning and give us 3 at once. And the new region when??
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