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  1. I have looked absolutely everywhere and I cannot find any info on if Xbox has awakening yet. I believe I saw that most of the characters along with awakening was suppose to be out Q1 but now we are in May. Is there a release date for it? Or am I just stupid and not seeing the update?
  2. Oh I completely understand that, im in no way trying to bash any of the employees. Id certainly have a hard time wording or even speaking english if it wasent my first.
  3. Thank you, I actually found the news post clarifying the issue shortly after making this post. Regardless, I appreciate the help.
  4. Excuse me? This is my first beta ever. No need to be an ass. Its far from my fault or the "idiots" that community managers cant seem to word things correctly.
  5. Hello everyone, i recieved my beta access email last thursday and it was written that im denied due to my age? It mentioned anyone below the age of 13 or so cant be accepted. Im 20 years old, and I used my own personal email which reads im 20 or 21 on that email. Is there a way I can appeal the denial?
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