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  1. When opening the cash shop tent to use villa scrolls the villa scroll text descriptions for each scroll pops up. When you close the interface the text permanently stays on your screen unless you hit a loading screen / die / restart the game. when opening the fairy screen the text describes the skills unlocked. When closing the interface the text remains permanently on the screen unless you hit a loading screen / die / or restart the game. When using the 4K option sometimes a big green blare will shine on your screen and won’t go away for minutes if there are more I’ll post it here in an edit.
  2. Customer service never responded. I deleted the game completely and had to Redownload and it worked.
  3. Very easy to recreate this error. Open up the black spirit and then try to transmute a crystal into a piece of gear. When doing so before you select the gear try to lock / unlock the gear in that interface and your game completely breaks forcing you to relaunch.
  4. @CM_Valtarra could you please help out? They sent me a generic reply that didn’t help whatsoever. I had to submit a whole new ticket to reply to their reply. It’s been over 24 hours now still says “registering”. This is completely frustrating. It’s also a waste of my value pack. Game bug that’s causing me to not be able to play or use anything that I’ve purchased from the Pearl shop. And support is so slow and inefficient!
  5. Yes I have with no response yet. How long does it take? Game is unplayable for me with no gear or silver..
  6. If it happens again I’ll take one
  7. I’ve even tried lowering settings, uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting cache. So weird! The problem is my main has all my silver and gear so I’d be starting from scratch here unless they can fix it. Ughr. How long does it take for a support ticket to be answered?
  8. I still experience this. It’s this huge black square that blows up on your screen impairing your ability to see. It goes away if you run the opposite direction.
  9. My main character was running by mirumok ruins entrance on the horse when suddenly the game force quit and I had to re launch. When I logged back in and tried to sign into the character again it force quit every time. I can log into my other characters no problem but my main with all my stuff on it is now bugged and I can’t enjoy. NA XBOX
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