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  1. Shai at the time of writing, to play it in PVP requires Timing to be near perfect, and for knowledge of both your opponent's class, and potential use of skills, and more like than not you are going to need to accessory sets to PVP and PVE, if you want to Main a Shai. (I've been theory crafting in the gear calculator this may not be the case at incredibly high Gear Scores but these are me numbering crunching with items that PC NA BDO doesn't have let alone Console PS4. Mind you this is Theorycrafting at things beyond PEN at C10+ Caphras other crystal options and slots might be open and different items.) Personally while I cannot speak for the Dev's themselves I think they took a very cautious route to creating the class because of how fundamentally different the class is and the design approach they took to it, (not that long ago there was a way team of Shai's could single Win a Siege war in their favor... this was nerfed.) which is why you see the the current design choices. Shai is the "Special" Class and has been getting different treatment than other classes between things like the Shai Donkey, The Shai Music writing interface etc. (our talent weapon and not having to Grind for a Dandelion Box etc.) we've been getting plenty of unique things, it should also be noted compared the class on PC itself has been on PC NA since only June 26th 2019, Compared to the Release of BDO on PC NA of 2016. In that time frame there were patches and fixes and adjustments that most PS4 players are unaware of (upon initial release of the Shai it could ONLY ride Donkeys an update patch that allowed them to ride horses was added later.) and there will be along with other classes patches and adjustments to the class.
  2. The Shai's original design philosophy was to try something new and with that came many different things, Some of the things were already patched and improved before console (for example upon initial release Shai's could only Ride Donkey's / hence the Donkey Skills.) The Delay in Rabams from what I understand is they even wanted to implement a custom Rabam questline to unlock the skills. Shai has been at the center of a unique design class from the beginning and as a result I personally from the historically slow and methodical approach they've taken with the class itself is they want to create something unique in short please be patient!
  3. While Many of the Shai's I play ingame with have discussed this on the official forums what was desired was a compromise if the complete unaltered models could not be given back. Which is why I keep quoting the item in Korean and English. [Shai] Summer Dreamland Pajamas [샤이] 꿈나라 여름 잠옷 These would atleast give us a Pearl option to fix almost all of the censored outfits and is compatible with almost all future outfits released as per update to the Korean Client at the time of writing this.
  4. Pardon the potentially outdated photo of the PC UI but we currently do not have this feature on the PS4 Version of the game to the best of my knowledge this is still in the PC version of the game and I was hoping this could be added to the Console Version of the game UI. These Same Photos are also see when swapping between characters on PC.
  5. Someone tag a CM/GM so I would get a refund for.... the bundle and you'd have to rip away my pet etc? This is the solution? And this is indeed because of Cross Play well that answers the question. So Xbox players are once again the issue. To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement. I can't get back my hours or playtime but this was the solution? 이걸 사고 싶어 [샤이] 꿈나라 여름 잠옷 This is the only acceptable solution as it it puts us on the same level of censorship as the PC NA/EU Version of the game.
  6. Raytracing I knew about the Kibelius outfit which is arguably the best use of the costume thus far. That Florang and Vitclari are gorgeous! and I really want them yet It's really depressing to think that we may never see the MH and Sub weapon skins because of the current state of censorship 😞.
  7. I'm sad to hear you leave kyoro I'm trying to find more information on the state of the PS4 console version in Korea and if it had the patch or not. I will try and keep things updated as I can I find out more information.
  8. This is particularly interesting since if what kyoro is still the case for console the Japanese Console Version is now censored, yet the mobile version is not. What I would like to know is the BDO Mobile published by PA or is through another publisher?
  9. I agree some level of transparency on the subject would be greatly appreciated. While I've said it in discord I paid for Venecil in a Special bundle (I forget the price but I think it was roughly double if not more than the current cost of Venecil if purchased today from the pearl shop at full price.) far before it was even an option to purchase as Shai so that I could Day 1 of PS4 have the outfit.
  10. So far I've yet to hear an official statement other than this happened (from the lack of answer.) because of Cross Play with Xbox?. I would like an official CM/GM/ Dev Answer of some sort the lack there of. Makes me uncertain for the future of my own playtime in this game and if I potentially should escalate this to Sony with the changing of ingame purchases. Also while I cannot find the other forum post anymore While I was looking into the censorship issue the Xbox forum had a post on it I was able to did up that was page and pages long yet seems to have disappeared.It's aggravating I'm back and forth between wanting to quit BDO over it some sort of clarification would be nice, yet PA is silent. Since Day 1 on PS4 I've wanted ot Main a Shai, reserved my name for a Shai. The only thing that seems to work is to be vocal on the boards, and within the BDO console official discord. (as was seen with the Xbox Name Change solution.) Edit : This entire thread had seemed to disappear for sometime I'm curious why we are allowed to discuss this again but with the silence from PA we will not know.
  11. I'm not sure what the file format for the beauty album is on PC but it would wonderful if it were possible to download PC player's presets so console players could use them and we could share our own presets with PC players also.
  12. PC NA/EU Censorship patch Servers have [Shai] Summer Dreamland Pajamas [샤이] 꿈나라 여름 잠옷 This appears like it would fix the issues many of us are having with clipping. Will something like this be available in the future for BDO?.
  13. Bumping this topic to the forefront Sony / PS4 players were unaware you even had Shai censorship until the most recent addition of cross play we had the normal Shai class as it was intended. The clipping is absolutely unacceptable I paid for a specific generic costume box probably to the tune of 6,000+ Pearls so I could be one of the very first Shai's on PS4 to have Venecil (before it was even in the pearl shop.) only to now have one of the longest dresses for a Shai in the game clipping with the leggings textures from censorship.
  14. Thank you for sharing your experience I assumed that this patch wouldn't be added to the Japanese servers. I'm sorry you are also having to deal with this. How did you contact Sony? I'd also like to make them aware of this situation.
  15. Long leggings permanently added to all premium outfits that are longer than even the longest dress currently on console (Venecil.) This is known from here on out as the PC NA/EU Shai Censorship patch. This in the past sparked a fair bit of controversy so I'll try and keep this strictly to a minimum of just questions and just the facts. BDO players by now on PS4 will notice there is different in how your shai looks pre- and post this patch. Why was this added? My understanding is also if an Xbox player changes to the Asia server region this censorship is removed? Will you be reimbursing those of us that bought premium Shai outfits and then having out clothes patched out? As you are well aware this does cause clipping with some outfits. (as seen on the NA/EU PC version of BDO.) Is this permanent? Since we the PS4 players cannot change our console region like Xbox can. IF this is a permanent change what outfits can we expect to be brought to consoles? Is it safe to assume that anything that is on NA/EU that was censor "friendly" will be brought to console I'd like some clear expectations on what is going on, answers or lack there of will directly impact any and all pearl purchases and pearl shop purchases. I've logged 66 Days at the time of writing on my PS4 Shai I care about my character, and and my outfits not clipping. I also have spent a great deal of time and money making sure I am happy with the way my character looks.
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