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  1. Sad True story... Node Wars / Siege is unplayable, Xbox players don't have permament freeze when there is sudden attack, this is the only one reason they are winning all pvp... Devs maybe make Sieges for PS 4 / Xbox separately if you can't fix performance issues?
  2. Crossplay servers are on Microsoft and Epheria is on PS4 server.. Microsoft has better servers. It's not about performance. Servers are crowded
  3. We Will See difference in short Time Yup it won't be fair when PS4 players Will be crashed on every node war (not talking even about Siege) Everywhere casuals >Uber pro players 24/7 If the game would stop for half a year for all People then I would be TOP too
  4. OK we Will See overwhelming difference when they Will lanugh xplay. 265AP is softcap on Xbox and on Ps4 maybe few PPL gone that Way Where there is written to 'give free stuff'? Read carefully
  5. +Magoria +Carp. Stones +more Advanture log +New boss gears +1year Hope it's enough we Will start to gain even materials (Life skill) when they got full stacks of it to produce
  6. Hello comrades, As we get information about crossplay with Xbox, we need really good boost now before to get to level of Xbox players, they got much more content. They got normal mob amount. Enhancement chances for us are very poor even for TET, ok lvl 62 is for hardcore grinding but available (they got 64 available) So PS4 players Will be smashed down on pvp causing it unplayable game... BOOST us, give us a chance to compare with them! No we don't want "New event pearl shop" we want passive chance for all. Drop chance + maximum exp bonus + enhancement improvement (i assume that value pack can be too much then)
  7. I feel similar, Got PS 4 Pro too. Bought SSD for this game (it helped a lot hopefully) The funniest about "reason" of buffing wizards is that I some where saw answer : "because People didn.'t saw skills of wizards" my answer is 'NOTHING CHANGED IN THIS SUBJECT' For now I'm concidering about leaving game too.. I putted much efford for this game and it's sad. +i saw that they are going to crossplatform with Xbox? That Will be very big mistake if they do it.. Xbox players are 2x better geared than us So PS players R. I. P.. RAR
  8. Hi Of course I don't have that much problems with distance fight with wizards as Ranger. But I can imagine what close combat character can feel Of course I got meele on awakening and its really hard to fight with even low geared wizards. Even builds don't help enough agnist skill impovements they did
  9. True, I Main Ranger and really fellow is talking about front guard etc. Sure attack Wiz, if you can stand next to him when he make cataclysm AoE... Yes stay behind him ^^ and dont forget to Run from aquajail which is buffed too
  10. Hi, Why wizards (MOST OP CHARS) Got buffed now? You know what you did there? Now there Will be 85% wizards everywhere, because you buffed him Way more in this patch... Really no skill, no brain Will be now like "hahaha I'm a wizard" Because now their combo is like "oh I dropped my controller... 5 kills"
  11. It's because they preffer to add Pearl shop items and updates.. Not focusing on optimalization, many players rage quits because of lags etc. Pvp, Node Wars are like watching photographs without SSD and PS4 Pro.
  12. I say PvP got problems, I don't have problem with PvP On BF there are plenty of lags, 1/5 bosses Like Kzarka, Muraka, Karanda etc. Crashes game (bluescreen) We bought game So we want product that works. For example : If you buy a New car you want to drive it. After you pay, you See that it doesnt work how it should. What do you do then? 'don't use lights because it causes problems'? Propably Just wanna take your money back and buy other one. Thats not a solution. Solution is knowlage about what they gonna do. If they gonna repair, ok I will wait A LITTLE BIT. But if they are not gonna do anything better to know and not to loose Time anymore.
  13. Hi, First of all.. Who is making decisions there? Who is approving updates etc.? The only thing that works perfectly is Pearl shop. Bad game optimalization causes crashes, lags and unplayable moments (like pvp) and even ssd don't help. Best decision?... Put more items in Pearl shop.. Yeah, many People is leaving game because of crashes and lags.. Buying outfit on CM is getting harder and harder because People who is using money are going out of game cause of mentioned problems. You say that this year you Will release some content like Kamasylvia, New classes etc. That won't happen if you won't Focus on optimalization. So where is profit for you here? People leaving game? Unstable unplayable game? Keep adding Pearl shop content and in short Time noone Will use it even with loyalities... Really. So suggestion? FIRST OF ALL FOCUS ON CRASHES, LAGS ETC. You need hint? Make Afk fishing no longer than 1h. Make skills effects less 'flashy' or add options settings that Player can change by himself. Got PS4 PRO +SSD+300Mb internet and it's still not enough. Your turn
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