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  1. I knew it was number based but I thought it was lower than 80. I have issues at Kzarka too. I definitely think your idea of choosing the number yourself would be very beneficial, as long as it allowed for you to specify a number that always hid them.
  2. Yeah I know, that's why I put that extra note bit at the end. Even if they don't add a option for all the time, hopeful they fix the current option soon, I heard they are suppose to be lowering the amount of people the setting activates on, I think currently it's 30 or 50.
  3. So the game naturally has a 'hide other players' button, the issue with it is that it only hides them 'in certain situations'. I walk into any town and despite having this on, every player appears, and I lag terribly, the setting needs to be changed to hide them regardless, which if I remember correctly the PC version does. Now some of you might say how will I see people for PvP then, or you need to be able to see people, my answer is there could be 2 settings, the current one, to hide in certain situations and one to hide them all the time regardless. Note - even with hide players and character optimization on, everyone still appears in towns for me, world bosses are basically impossible because I can't see anything as well as the lag from all the other people on screen (which the setting should remove in that situation)
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