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  1. I have completed several rounds of RBF and received no exp, SP or email with funds for my wins. My other characters seem to be fine its just maehwa with this issue.
  2. Good morning all, looking for a little help here before my 10 mil Villa pass runs out. I am having an issue getting the quest from Serazad, she offers me no quest and the only options are turning the gates and shopping. I am a level 58 tamer and have completed the story line through Valcenia II. Anyone have a reason I could not be able to access the quest? I should mention I had a similar problem with the Enervated black dragon quest where I needed to throw away the pearl and reset the quest to be able for it to recognize the 4th charge. I swear this game has more bugs than real gameplay at times. Anyway any suggestions? *Update* Nevermind I figured it out. You have to have all the quests checked under profile to get the quest. In order to do this go to your profile and use the right bumper to go to the quests page then make sure all the boxes are checked. Why by default it isnt is beyond me. Overwhelming yes but at least you dont get stuck or miss things. (playing on PS4)
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