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  1. Dp crystals Thorns damage(reflect) crystals A shop to spend your karma (things like raise max karma etc) Nationwide jail A color spectrum instead of limited dyes Extreme skin dye (neon green, ocean blue etc) Thats all i have for this log, until next time.
  2. The penalty of losing tier(s) of your gear upon death while negative makes no sense, pvp is a major factor in this game and the idea of jail is a step up. The only problem is that it only applies to Valencia, if the gear penalty was removed and replaced with nationwide jail i feel more people would pvp. I also have an idea (from another mmo) to create a player ran justice system to pass out jail sentences or find them not guilty. It was fun in that game and it would be fun in this game too.
  3. Striker lacks outfits, please consider C=
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