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  1. Hello, Playing this game since beta now and noticed that the lag gradually with each patch gets worse. I’m hearing the same complaintments from my guildies. Farming in Pila ku is fine and sometimes laggy when doing skills but when my group of mobs gets bigger the game starts to lag. Not to mention going to arsha and wiz’s/witch’s or strikers contest your spot with their huge graphical skills, even microsoft powerpoint is faster in showing me those dia’s. Try farming aakman when you get slideshowed and desynced back to get cc’d by the mobs. Have you guys tried nodewars/conquest on a warrior with 5 fps? Might aswel sign up for tower duty cause you’re a running meatshield that stands there doing nothing since am unable to move around or even do my combo’s when I lag. Got a ps4 pro with a samsung 860 evo and 500mb fiber internet. Even ping tested it got around 20 ping. I imagined BDO being a fastpaced pvp game but so far am disappointed.
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