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  1. Is this still bugged as I'm stuck on this quest for quite some time?. I can't cancel the quest nor continue any further.
  2. So 10% on top of 1 silver. See where I'm going with this.... yet it wants 65000 silver for one item I sold for 1 silver. Before the bug the same used item was selling for 60000 silver. And it's with multiple items not just the calf cooking utensil.
  3. So why can I buy back the same used utensil I sold to the same npc for 65000 silver. It's definitely a bug.
  4. When I sell my used cooking utensils to an npc I'm supposed to get 60k silver for the calpheon cooking utensil but only received 1 silver, been happening for a few weeks now. NA serendia 2
  5. Would it be possible to have the pc central market cross platform wth console to help out the near empty market. With certain limits like items not available until its content release.
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