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  1. So to start off this, from day one of release there has been a damage bug that is plaguing node wars, the damage to towers is selective to a few people in a guild. This meaning that only a specified group of people can damage a fort, ranging from what I've seen is 1-6 people. This is atrocious, the damage should be able to be done by anyone of any class. No don't ask me for video or screenshot proof you copy pasta CM bots, get on the game and see for yourself... Secondly, placement, only a select few officers can actually place due to a time frame bug hitting specific players after a server reset. So for a bit of time, i would be able to place, then after a patch only some other guy can place... now there's also the fact that fort placement pillars telling you Red = No cant place and Blue = can, HAS DRASTICALLY BEEN DESTROYED IN VARIETY... on PC you can pretty much place any f'ing where... why was this changed? For pleeb mentality? Last on placement is now there is a bull#$@! notification telling literally all who can place that we have to place on last weeks node, like what? The one we did on a SUNDAY? Cuz thats our node bruh... To end this with a why and how dare you, what are y'all thinking behind those screens when writing code and not working on optimization, this game does not load... AT ALL, the node wars are an absolute fk fest of lag (You can literally phase through barricades because of the lag)... and its just riddled with bugs, you release a game not only with not all the classes out for the sake of your pockets so you can market other 30 dollar costumes, the dollar per square inventory, all the weight increases... and have people wait on the classes they actually want to play, cuz yah know... the games like 8 years old now... so the classes are all there on youtube and streamed for PC... what are you thinking? Yeh lets just milk this game, merge with xbox and milk some more? Why not take a fkin weed break and fkin make a game so it lasts... NO MORE RELEASES, FIX THE GAME, THE LAG IS UNIMAGINABLY EMBARRASSING ON YOUR END. There is no excuse in 2019, going on 2020 for it to be this bad... How dare you, The Guy Who Actually Feels For Devs Cuz Of Corporate Monkeys Wanting A Quick Buck PS fk you suits ruining everything like fkin EA.
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