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  1. One of my friend , had a 7 days value pack for his account on Black Desert EU Servers. He knew his value pack was going to end so he made it so he had 16 slots left with nothing in it to make sure he loses nothing from his inventory in these 16 slots that the value pack gave him. When he got back on after his value pack was gone, Five Items that he made sure they weren't in the 16 slots before he loses his value pack, got stuck in the locked section of the inventory. He tried lot of stuff like logging off then get back on the servers to see if it was just a bug but it was still in the locked section of the inventory. These Items are : Agerian Helmet +14 Agerian Gloves +12 Agerian Shoes +12 and two green pickaxes. It reflects on his character's progression and he doesn't want to start a new character just for that or even buy another value pack for a bug like this. Thank you for your understanding !
  2. Elric

    Guild Quest Bug

    It happens when you give a Monster quest, when a number is added it brings you back up
  3. Hey everyone ! Just found out why the cursor always moves in your menus. When you send out a guild Quest, it bugs out the menu for the guild members. Hope I found the issue.
  4. Hello ! I just found out how the bug works for the servers. When you send an invite to a guild, when they accept they get disconnected. I just kicked one of my friends to see if the guilds are the issues and then everything is now working from him. Might be the new slots they added or something else. Hope they fix it !
  5. Some of the players, including me, can get on every servers except Balenos,Serendia for some reasons. It says : '' Can't connect to the server '' Some of my friends made it but I still can't manage to get in.
  6. Salut ! Notre guilde serait intéressée à effectuer une alliance avec vous si possible ! Envoie-moi ton Discord en privé (Pseudo et ID)
  7. Salut les Français du forum ! Ça serait sympa de voir qui est actif ici ! Et si vous êtes intéressés à rejoindre une Guilde purement FR il nous reste encore des places disponibles mais pas pour longtemps !
  8. Super bon poste ! Contacte moi pour l'alliance ! N'oublie pas mec
  9. Thank you for the amazing beta ! Vivement que les FR se regroupent ! Rejoignez nous sur le club Officiel BDX FR Black Desert Xbox FR ! Bonne attente à tous !
  10. Positivity at its best. Thank you TwitchCon for making this kinds of meetings come true I hope to meet you guys someday in any event that you go to !
  11. I like the way you present your guild. Looks fun and interesting to the eye I must say !
  12. Sad to see there isn't much information about your guild on the Topic. It is not the number that makes your guild interesting, also I would like to mention that your facebook page regroup a Community of the game in general not the guild itself. But congratulations on getting a good Facebook page ! Good luck with your guild !
  13. Une Date pour ceux encore sur ce Topic FR = 8 Novembre Minuit PST sera la BETA ouverte de Black Desert Xbox. Sur ce, n'hésitez pas à rejoindre le club sur Xbox Black Desert Xbox FR !
  14. To every guilds who dare challenge us. We are united as one. Not divided. We fight with honor and fairplay. We can be nice with you so be nice with us. We are not scared, we fight for our guild and every other French Guilds who are with us. We're a family ready to take on every guild. Come and try us out but please, enjoy the game and don't give up fighting us.
  15. Nouveau nom du club ! Désormais le nom officiel de notre communauté = Black Desert Xbox FR Le nom de la guilde sera dévoilée au lancement du jeu et lors de sa création pour éviter tout plagiat. Bientôt 100 membres dans la Guilde dont création de Divisions de la Guilde pour mieux encadrer la communauté. Alliances acceptées si vous êtes Francophones et souhaités être partisans de la Guilde en tant que Ambassadeur. Grades,Rôles disponibles pour tout membres voulant s'impliquer dans le RP de la Guilde. Envoyez votre CV de candidature pour devenir Administrateur de la Guilde pour la gestion, Animation, Modération et le RP. Actuellement la plus grosse Guilde FR existante du Jeu et également le plus gros Club et le plus actif. Administrateurs de qualités et plusieurs connaisseurs du jeu nous accompagnent. Un guide est offert pour tout nouveau joueurs. Étant donné que la version Xbox sera un peu différente il y aura des trucs à modifier.
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