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  1. Still bro, its no pc, you will be able to do combos but not fast as at pc, here will be very tactical in my opinion. It will be like dark souls speed. Still i got you its ur opinion ✌🏾
  2. its beta and ppl bitching about bug ;D
  3. Man one thing: dont try to compair XBOX BDO to PC BDO :) BDO XBOX pvp will be very very very different then pc... if u like the pc style u should play pc style bro Im saying this as a pc main. The game is so far pretty good it will be new experience, new pvp style. main it and own it
  4. Play at pc guys and try to loot... same thing, annoying also, that is why we can buy pets for
  5. @Namus same here, still not fixed, the thing is that the quest is giving me ither way to go and is not linking to the right npc. We cant teleport anymore to the castle AND there is no npc there that you guys are talking about.
  6. Playing like this at pvp it will be really hard and ppl will have to master it. Joystick stays!! The pvp will be balanced cuz on pc... so much animation cancel that u can make combos in 0,00000005 sec....
  7. Ahn... @EVRYTHG man sorry but i think that not everyone agree with you. I play bdo on pc since 1st and playing now at xbx one x not only the graph is super on console but the joystick style is more then playable. Is very challenging, what i was hoping for because bdo on pc is soooooooo easy to master and if vet players like we are start bdo at xbox then we have to learn it again and master it and that is what i like about! For me nothing have to change, maybe the macro but the rest i love it its 9,5/10 from me
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