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  1. Like when your cooking or processing whenever you proc a craft it gives a chance for a registration emblem for that particular life skill pet to be added to your inventory where then you can claim it and get the pet.
  2. My suggestion is add in Pets earnable by doing things we already do in the game. For example for life skill pets have the player to reach master in any giving skill then after they've obtained master level everytime they do that particular life skill they can have a random chance of obtaining a pet that is themed for that particular life skill and has a benefit for that same life skill. Say someones master in cooking say every 10-50 things they cook they have a chance to obtain maybe a cat with a chef's outfit (just example). Then when having this pet out when cooking maybe it increases how much food procs by 1 or increase byproducts or decreases cooking time. Something like this could apply to all life Skills and make it exciting and worthwhile to level to master and try to go for these pets, and it wouldn't just be one and done you got the pet because you'd need multiple to up the tiers for increased benefit. Same idea could apply to combat say if you hit a certain level lets say 60 and up then every 100 kills you make you get a chance at the pet dropping. This pet could increase skill point and Combat exp or increase item drop rates. This would be another incentive going to even higher levels to try to obtain one of them. Just some thoughts the number of crafts/kills required for a chance to drop are just examples could be higher or lower. Also the benefits they give were just examples as well. Let me know what you think.
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