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  1. First thing i thought... Fk this, my name that i reserved for my valk from day 1 will be lost to the merge, yay! Second thing... PS4's gonna get crashed alone because of the performance difference on the two plattforms, yay! Third thing... Well time to patch my ffxiv on ps4, new raids came this week so lets go back there, yay!
  2. Even with SSD u still get invisible players or at least invisible effects from other players so that u stand and die in an aoe field without even knowing what hit u
  3. I got bluescreened a lot in NW lately and after opening and closing the Skill/Ringmenu in Options.... This games keeps getting more and more bugs really sad about it since i love it and all but it keeps getting more and more ruined
  4. Sooo... the bug is still there, same for locked skills, worker, character order in login screen and a lot other settings being reset every time.... For a while now i only played BDO and no other game on the PS4 and never had a reset. But recently i started playing some other games again and each time i start anything else then BDO on my PS4 and then go back to it, all my settings are reset... at this point i might actually be about to stop playing this bugged AF game. The grinding is just horrible since the 40% less mobs, now i got into building a worker empire and afk lifeskilling, but if i have to set up all my workers and menu settings after every login just to let the game play in afk... there is something wrong somewhere if i just wanna start the game to let the workers afk work but i have to set them back up for 20 min instead of loging in and going afk
  5. Had the same problem yesterday, but it seems to be a character/server related problem. Couldnt play with my Shai (disconnect between 5 sec and 2 min everytime) on other servers then Arsha. Missed both WB i normaly attend because of this 😞 But my Tamer was fine on all servers, not a single disconnect. Let my Sorc afk fish over night and had also no disconect, was online in the morning when i checked.... so it really only happens on my shai.
  6. Hello fellow Tamers out there, i think i read about this problem already in the Bug-Forum but cant find the Topic right now. When i use Evasion, Evasiv Attack and/or Flowing Water the camera starts to move in the direction i want to dogde. This causes my character to not move sideways as it should do but to do 1/4 circle backwards what again prevents me from hitting enemys with the evasiv attack/flow after that. Its also really hard to dodge attacks with evasion if you cant really tell where it will take u, because it isnt a set value the camera moves but more or less random. Thats why your character also does a random circular move. At least in the awakening form the evasion works as entended but every time i want to dodge an attack when using my short sword i get turned around randomly. In the Tamer Forum you can find a topic on this problem:
  7. Have the same issues with reseting config settings, ring menu, character slots and workers... i just stopped reconfigurating for the time being... its too frustrating to do it 2-3 times a day, because i have to switch to different games quite often. Only the ringmenu is a must, but thats at least not as time consuming as sending all workers back to there nodes. So for now i am without workers it seems. Can confirm one more insight on this "bug". It happens 100% of the times i close BDO and start another game directly after. (just via ps4 menu or going the intended way by disconnecting in the BDO menu doesnt make a difference) When i come back to BDO all settings and menus are reset to default. Without starting another game it only happens randomly at some times but very rarely. It seems PA wants us to only play BDO and dont start any other games.
  8. Hello im new here, at least as active writing member Was passivle reading before. Did my first attempt on real breeding (now that i know that u have to level up your horses first... blew up my first few T5s without knowing that and wondered why i only got T3s...) and wanted to share what i got. Was breeding my lvl 22 T5 F with my 22 T4 M this week (after the update) and got a T6 F and for exchanging them i got another T6 M.
  9. Have the same problem since the start of the class... i main my tamer but the camera issue is a real problem sometimes, cant tell how many times i already died in pvp because i couldnt dodge in the right direction when the camera start to randomly move in the direction you wanna go... At least the evasion from awakenig is working correctly, but it still screws up sometimes when i wanna avoid something right after changing from awa to normal stance.
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