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  1. Last Archer is the most anticipated class so it will be last it's a pure money play.
  2. You do realize the devs run everything through a translation program to read what you wrote and there is no way they are going to do that with the book you wrote
  3. Umm wtf you said almost nothing about your idea like what it actually would be. Like a consumable 1 shot? Set charges? It sounds like it would be a high lvl alchemy item and alchemy already has alot of options to buff that are not ultra restrictive on what you get a bonus on
  4. Omnibane


    While there are several nice things about the new UI. The back button is completely useless in general interactions. Since circle already does that. What they should do is put a back button in the central market. Also this having to go through every line of speech with NPCs is rediculous and there needs to be a way to toggle it off.
  5. Value pack expired?
  6. Several nodes are not showing the resources that can be invested in for lumbering mining ext... While other players can access the resources. Too many nodes to cross check with other people but for me Maria's cave is broken for sure.
  7. I see a lot of nonsense about it would hurt drop rates it would be people stealing your mobs they won't do it blah blah blah. It is obviously something players want that's why it's been brought up over and over since the game was first created, so eventually the devs might decide to test it. In no conceivable way could it hurt drop rates on any other server and tweaking the rate on a pve server is child's play so that argument is idiodic on the face of it. So if you are pro PvP why be so apposed to 1 pve server. are you worried it will be so popular than they would spread it to other servers?
  8. Omnibane


    My suggestion is simple. Give graphics quality control options to the players. At least for the general environment and towns. To be honest the meshing and texturing is bad if you look closely at 95% of the game anyway. It's only beautiful from a distance. This will drastically improve load times and cut down on lag and crashing. Most players will choose performance and stability over graphics and resolution.
  9. Only problem is PS4 doesn't have all the nodes and some of them down have the resources turned on like Marni cave
  10. For a 1v1 PvP the game should have a Duel feature. Because if it's a real 1v1 to be tracked both parties should be aware of the fight. This would make it a real board and not just a list of who pked the most afk people. Also in a duel that both players agree to karma shouldn't be involved and other players shouldn't be able to interfere.
  11. For so many reasons I can tell you this would not happen for a very long time if ever. Pearl would have to implement every item in the game onto every platform. PC has whole sections of the game that are not available on console. Not just gear drops but crafting items that simply are impossible on PS4 like wagons that have infinite lifespan and move at 147 spd. Which I would love but no way would Pearl want people buying stuff from one economy to another like that. Plus they would have to network every server for every platform together and that is just a cost to Pearl with no upside for them.
  12. I'm not doubting the time you put into it or the energy you use. Just for me after a few hours I got to stop and go do something else. But if I was going to burn through 1 k energy and 4 magic tools (250) durability. I would go to a feldspar heavy spot like the lead node south of calphion clear the 13-14 feldspar that are In a 10ft spot and loop through all servers since they come back fast enough to be back by the time you clear all 9 servers. Then with the 2000-2500 rough stones I still wouldn't sell them on the market it's way better money to process it to polished stones. Which would easily net 400+ polished stone. That's why I can't see anyone actually gathering rough stones specifically to sell them as is. Logs would be the same way but even better with artisan procs while processing it
  13. While you can get to pro training afk running horses you only get training xp when the horse lvls up. And it will take a long time. You can get to pro in a couple days if you want to by capturing wild horses and registering the emblems go to a horse spot near town and capture then all on each server and you can knock it out pretty quick
  14. I'm not sure the "failed to update payment information" is even related to the issue I see that msg every day multiple times a day I know it will block your mailbox for a while which relogging normally fixes temporarily I'm pretty sure what the hold up is very simply they are going to go through every log to see if you ever got your item because they just don't want to reimburse anyone if they can help it and seem worried that it might be a scam For all the tickets they shouldn't be closed the second it is responded to there should be a dialogue and there should be a button other than "yes very helpful" there should be a button added that says "no this didn't help at all get back to work"
  15. I am not sure who thought it was a good idea to have every npc that can exchange items list every possible turn in regardless of if you possess any of the items or not but my suggestion would be to turn it off or at least add a option to hide it because it is getting annoying having to scroll down and hunt for the appropriate turn in from sometimes extensive list
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