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  1. as you see on screens above i was able to play for 5 min, but no enemys, battlefield was empty and i got disconnected again.........🥵
  2. @CM_Valtarra thx for your answer. and i have to say: no, its not getting better. since yesterday 7.00 pm to now im unable to play .... atm i get a msg. "authentification code is wrong" 3 or 4 times. even when i can log in the game, after a few minutes i get disconnected.........
  3. @CM_Valtarra im sorry to tell you i have the same issues with the ring menu. no matter how i close the game its lost next time i log in the game. everytime its reset to standard, and its getting really frustrating. and since the last update for the altar i cant play anymore...im in the game maybe for 2 or 3 minutes, then i get disconnected from servers.......happy new year for you anyway....
  4. the game was laggy all the time but playable .... but since the new update im loosing connection, cant use the market etc.etc. im not able to open my inventory or map......and when im try to reconnect sometimes its not possible. servers all shown as empty, so i guess im not alone......very very very frustrating..... ps: sry for my bad english☹️ i tryed to start the games 5 times in row right now....no way to get in the game😡
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