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  1. Skode

    6 characters, 6 slots, 3 locked..

    Is there a cap on how many character you can make? Can in theory I make one of every class of should I save a couple for the Striker and Lahn I want to make?
  2. Skode

    The game is $10

    It's £23 in UK, like the pre-order version was.
  3. Most games start with an option to resize the screen to not clip off sections because of your tv but for life of me can't find it on this lol
  4. Skode

    Can't start the game!

    Best follow on Twitter for updates, alot of speculation from player side is its related to wireless users. Im not so sure - got on original beta no issue (changing region to access of course) but not had any luck with this one.
  5. Skode

    UK stealth price increase - Why?

    No, i aint paying. If everyone else who got it before me got it cheaper then good on 'em but i'll vote with my wallet and spend the money on other things.
  6. Skode

    Awakening question in final product

    Lvl Cap is i recall right (its deliberate as they want to fully test them all before them going to the live client, bit like why theres only six classes at launch). Think we will be seeing them sooner rather than later though post launch.
  7. Skode

    UK stealth price increase - Why?

    I said same myself, a mistake would be understandable but to wait that long only to stealth bump it was not justifiable. I dont buy the BS about regional equality with pricing either as thats rarely a thing, chunks of EU often gets shafted compared to NA and the likes of Australia often get if even worse. If this was a NA issue not a UK one youd be seeing dozens of threads on the matter.
  8. Skode

    stream on now twitch only

    I'll watch it when they stick it on YouTube. I was sleeping for work when it was on lol
  9. Skode

    Missing class's

    They're gonna announce a roadmap for class releases etc, I believe it's to be announced before the game goes live in March.
  10. Skode

    UK Preorder price change - UPDATED.

    It is to me, like I said they can sod off. Issue was they stealth raised the price with no warning - maybe it was an error price originally? If that, you fix that in hours or at a push days - you don't wait for a good month or so meaning we have legit reason to believe that IS the pre-order price locked in. They never mentioned anything about this being an error on any correspondence I saw at all in the weeks since the pre-orders went live. My mindset was simple - if I get a few real life mates into the game I'll be on so much it's a no brainer to get the top package, if I'm flying solo then my time will be divided between the game and playing other games (the ones they're mostly on) so I need to consider if it's the best option for me vs the cheaper ones. I've lined up 3 mates for the beta test 2 and two have already bought a pre-order so thus when I go to buy it myself after selling the bloody game to others only to be rewarded with a price increase i'm feeling triggered to high hell on a personal level.
  11. Skode

    UK Preorder price change - UPDATED.

    I was gonna get the £65 bundle, was just waiting on confirmation that a couple of my mates were getting Xbox version too. Now that they've upped the price they can sod off, seriously you have lost a guaranteed sale here.
  12. Skode

    Second beta confirmed?

    Yeah I got 3 friends in same boat, £23 is an easy sell if they see how much bang for the buck they're getting. That and it's prob ideal they test EU servers before we get thrown in all at once.
  13. Skode

    Preorders Uk

    They're also up on the Xbox console store so you can just use that if that's easier for you.
  14. Skode

    The joke is on you PA

    Better than black broken on release online no? No wait I'm sure you lot would have NO complaints if that were the case, as long as you get it ASAP who cares what state it's in. #moderngamerlogic. That's not a personal dig at you by the way incase it comes off as such. It's meant as a broad generalisation. I'm ok with wait, beta was solid - in fact it was better than any of us expected I'm sure (seemed to be the case with others, I can't speak for everyone) so it's gonna be great day one. Too many broken messes these days - I'm glad BDO is worth the wait Vs something like the new Fallout released far too early only to get slaughted for it. First impressions count - now I wanna know how routine updates will be.
  15. Skode

    Ultimate Pack breakdown.

    So it's worth the £65 then? I'm very much one of those strictly F2P guys who will take a grind over opening the wallet but even I'm tempted with how much they're actually giving me here from day one. God I hate one character access content though (they ALL seem to bloody well do this these days lol).