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  1. Console crossplay? Feels inevitable as seems they want that in Korea and their pacing with PS4 is proving to be far faster than Xbox One so feels like they're trying to catch up (think they're now just mainly one zone and 2 classes behind Xbox version). I'm ok with idea in principle but game turns into a polished turd in populated areas like towns so not sure it's yet good idea to flood servers even more but certainly a bigger populace should be interesting for getting parties easier, populating clans and getting more items into central market etc so if done right will be great. In theory means teams in console development could better consolidate plans and roadmaps too as a united front. As for future updates? They'll come when they come as roadmaps have proven not to work even as just general content aimed for not promised as said earlier PS4 getting majority of the love yet were still getting content at decent pace (certainly vs how long PC took to get this stuff in itself behind Korean version).Xbox still has a couple of zones to come yet, keen most to see the ocean based zone content and new one is further coming as announced in Korea... That's a LOT in itself to keep me busy as and when released meantime whatever happens. Oh and there's still 2 classes still for those that care to come on Xbox too (rarely bother with new classes but I know many live for them). If that's not enough successions are a thing, not sure if and when those are coming but 2020 they want PC fully done with having them all so we will likely be getting them too albeit not all thick and fast at the tail end of the year to try out on our fave classes so there's plenty to look forward to. Honestly content release pacing hasn't felt too bad, people just want it all and now! Ignoring how entitled asking for 6 years of updates in 12 months is (though I'm sure PS4 version being a thing did hurt Xbox content pace).
  2. No it wasn't - it was said in streams it's the PC one but we're getting it because they believe it can help to a very small degree with performance issues and they acknowledged some legit issues people had with it vs old console designed from ground up one on said streams. What streams did you watch?
  3. It's awful - added clicks feel unjustified as zero performance improvements seen by literally anyone. Also lost count now of dialogue obscured by new UI so even if quests and lore is your thing the game shafts you. Massive step backwards and hope it gets reverted ASAP. It doesn't even LOOK better never mind functions worse overall for a controller it was never designed for.
  4. From where? They said themselves in streams we ain't getting Guardian at same time as PC - they desired it but it wasn't gonna happen. Much same reason they wanted Kuno awakening in latest patch too but alas didn't happen (people were only just returning to work after the holidays still). Prob be case we will get Maehwa next instead.
  5. Yeah prob the only class I'm into trying out as despite jumping in at launch I've to this day only picked up Tamer to go with original Ranger & Warrior lol (Norse ascetic appeals). Not as into having loads of classes as others (though was happy Shai got in early even if I wasn't going to use her myself - she's unique in play style and added something different) and honestly rather just yet all the PC zones first. Still of all classes the one who most appealed awakening wise from what I saw was Kuno, issue is not sure I can be bothered getting her up to awakening just to try it. Serious question - is there anyone who uses and levels to awakening ALL classes?
  6. Is there a cap on how many character you can make? Can in theory I make one of every class of should I save a couple for the Striker and Lahn I want to make?
  7. It's £23 in UK, like the pre-order version was.
  8. Most games start with an option to resize the screen to not clip off sections because of your tv but for life of me can't find it on this lol
  9. Best follow on Twitter for updates, alot of speculation from player side is its related to wireless users. Im not so sure - got on original beta no issue (changing region to access of course) but not had any luck with this one.
  10. No, i aint paying. If everyone else who got it before me got it cheaper then good on 'em but i'll vote with my wallet and spend the money on other things.
  11. Lvl Cap is i recall right (its deliberate as they want to fully test them all before them going to the live client, bit like why theres only six classes at launch). Think we will be seeing them sooner rather than later though post launch.
  12. I said same myself, a mistake would be understandable but to wait that long only to stealth bump it was not justifiable. I dont buy the BS about regional equality with pricing either as thats rarely a thing, chunks of EU often gets shafted compared to NA and the likes of Australia often get if even worse. If this was a NA issue not a UK one youd be seeing dozens of threads on the matter.
  13. I'll watch it when they stick it on YouTube. I was sleeping for work when it was on lol
  14. They're gonna announce a roadmap for class releases etc, I believe it's to be announced before the game goes live in March.
  15. It is to me, like I said they can sod off. Issue was they stealth raised the price with no warning - maybe it was an error price originally? If that, you fix that in hours or at a push days - you don't wait for a good month or so meaning we have legit reason to believe that IS the pre-order price locked in. They never mentioned anything about this being an error on any correspondence I saw at all in the weeks since the pre-orders went live. My mindset was simple - if I get a few real life mates into the game I'll be on so much it's a no brainer to get the top package, if I'm flying solo then my time will be divided between the game and playing other games (the ones they're mostly on) so I need to consider if it's the best option for me vs the cheaper ones. I've lined up 3 mates for the beta test 2 and two have already bought a pre-order so thus when I go to buy it myself after selling the bloody game to others only to be rewarded with a price increase i'm feeling triggered to high hell on a personal level.
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