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  1. Totally agree on this and just like LoL skins can become a major income due to individuals wanting to be separate. Also this opens longevity to the game by adding a balanced skill based format which can become esports.
  2. Recently I been having issues with the bdo GM'S refusing to render help, them using the term "they don't do that" or "they are not allowed". Now I've asked them repeatedly which article of the EULA does this policy falls under and they have failed time and again to quote any since nothing in the EULA actually stops them from helping. My guess is they just want me to spend additional money thru the pearl shop to try and fix this mess. So to the legal experts out there, here's the question. How binding really is the EULA.
  3. Make it high risk high reward. Make high karma player be announced thru server chat and be prevented from changing server. Now risk would be like level loss gear loss etc you guys can figure out what's fair. But essence is higher the karma bigger the risk. Payoff should also correspond. Give the killer a location goal. Like he has to get to a certain location to cash in all this negative karma. Bigger the karma bigger the reward. Bet you this will make the server go alive with activity. Both pk lovers and bounty hunters will just go crazy. I hope to see something like this in bdo.
  4. My suggestion is to make 2 different RBF one regular mode which factors in gear score (normal currently existing mode). Now 2nd mode is more skill based. This one will open RBF to everyone no matter the gear score. Basically add a temporary buff that removes gear effects so that everyone has the same stats. No advantage on gear only advantage is on skill points. This will make this mode more a contest of skill not a contest of gear score. This mode will also let the new players no matter how low level be able to participate and have fun with the rest of the community. Also add a leaderboards so that players know who the best of the best is in either category. This can serve as motivation so people can see who has skills and who is all just gear score.
  5. Let's this be a warning for all players careful joining a guild. Also to update asked the GM'S on the specific article in the EULA that prevents them from helping and this was the response I got again. I really wonder if they even read the support tickets thoroughly or they just choose to not understand or they dodging the question.
  6. I'm a new player about 2 weeks into the game, about a week ago I ended up joining this guild. Due to some issues the guild leaders and officers had a falling out and left the guild. Now here is were the issues start, I ended up becoming the guild leader how I don't know. I can't leave the guild since a guild leader has no leave guild option. I can't pass the leadership since I'm getting the not online error, then on the offshoot that there is a person still online I can't pass it to them either as I'm getting an invalid count error. Now I've tried kicking members out but I'm getting the insufficient money error. I've asked the GM'S for help but so far all they have told me in polite words is f-off not our problem and we aren't required to help. So anyone got anyways to help or can tell me which article in the EULA prevents GM's from helping? Cause I read thru that EULA and nothing there specifically says they can't help. And if there is such an article why was that even added since that would constitute really bad costumer service.
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